ID: 4942
Proving Proficiency
icon Quest
Type: Quest
Category: Fenris's Fang Quest
Level: 45
Asmodian Only

Talk with Kvasir to choose the crafting skill. Talk with Weaponsmithing Master Logi. Talk with Handicrafting Master Lanse. Talk with Armorsmithing Master Kinterun. Talk with Tailoring Master Zyakia. Talk with Cooking Master Lainita. Talk with Alchemy Master Honir. Talk with Crafting Master. Take Crafted Heart to Usener. PlayerTake Glowing Holy Water to visit High Priest Balder for a purification ritual. Talk with Kvasir. Prove your crafting skills in order to join Fenris' Fangs.
You took the next part of the test to join Fenris' Fangs: Crafting. After passing the test for your chosen skill, you underwent another purification ritual and reported back to Kvasir.

Full quest's text:
Now that we've tested your strength, we'll be testing your skills. Not combat skills, mind you. Crafting skills.
Surprised? We only accept multi-talented candidates for the Fangs. After all, if you have to go under deep cover, it's good to have a career to fit into.

You do have some manner of crafting skill, right?
We don't expect you to be some famous master of the skill, of course. We're a Legion of warriors, not tradesmen.

All that's required is that you know one skill extremely well.
We put crafting skills into three categories: offensive, defensive, and supportive.

Weaponsmithing and Handicrafting are offensive skills, since they produce weapons. Tailoring and Armorsmithing are defensive, since they can be used to make armor. And since Cooking and Alchemy make your missions easier, they're support skills.

Which category will you choose from to take your challenge?
Good. That's my favorite kind. None of that mucking around with needle and thread or herbs and spices.

So, are you a Weaponsmith or a Handicrafter?
Talk to Master Logi at the Temple of Artisans, then. He'll handle your test.
Lanse at the Temple of Artisans. She'll tell you what you need to do.
A fine choice. Nothing's better than good armor.

So, which are you? Armorsmith or Tailor?
It'd be good to have another smith in the Fangs. We run through armor pretty quickly.

Talk to Master Kinterun at the Temple of Artisans and he'll get you started on the test.
A well-tailored robe can be a great benefit.

Talk to Master Zyakia at the Temple of Artisans. She'll get you started on your test.
Supportive skills are vital to winning battles. An army fights on its stomach, after all.

Are you a Cook or an Alchemist?
Good. I'll be glad to have a good chef when we start our next offensive in the Abyss.

Talk to Lainita at the Temple of Artisans and she'll get you started on your cooking challenge.
A fine choice. Talk to Master Honir at the Temple of Artisans and he'll get you started on your test.
Ah, hail! And what masterworks have you come to craft today?
Ach, the Fangs? That should be quite the challenge for you!

It's no weapon you'll be crafting, but you'll have to put your skill into it all the same. Take this design and make a Hot Heart of Magic.

Give it to Master Craftsman Usener and you'll have passed the test.
Oh, hello! I hope fate finds you strong?
Yes, I'd heard about that. I figured you'd be taking my test soon.

You'll need to take this design and make a Hot Heart of Magic, then take it to Master Usener.

I'm sure you can do it, but it might take some time.
Blast! This balsharding armor's just not coming out right!

Oh, you! Don't you every bloody knock?
Fenris' flaming Fangs? You? Of course! But it's not going to be bloody easy.

Take this pattern and make a blasted Hot Heart of Magic. Take it to Master high-and-mighty Usener and you'll be all sharding done.
I'm thinking about starting a quilting club. You interested in joining?
Oh, the Fangs? I suppose you won't have much time for quilting when you're out fighting in the Abyss!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. You'll need to make a Hot Heart of Magic using this pattern, then take it to Master Usener.

Then you can join the Fangs. Fate be with you!
Here, take a taste of this. What do you think? More salt?
Oh, of course! You've been the talk of Vanahal.

The test's simple, really. You'll need to make a Hot Heart of Magic using that recipe, then take it to Master Usener.

I am so looking forward to the banquet they'll throw when you join the Fangs. We haven't had one of those in ages.
That last batch was rubbish. I may be heating my crucible too much.
Oh, yes! Excellent! So glad to see a talented Alchemist making his way in the world.

The test's easy, really, all you'll need to do is make a Hot Heart of Magic. Then take it to Master Usener.

See? Easy!
Kvasir told me you're taking the test. Well, how goes the crafting?
Hmm...let's see...excellent work! But I expected nothing less. Take this Insignia to Kvasir, with my blessings.

Don't forget to ask High Priest Balder to purify you. Kvasir doesn't take kindly to sweat.
Come, bathe in the shade of Azphel.
Yes, it's important to stay pure as you walk the path to greatness. Fenris' Fangs will not accept anything less.

Kneel down and recieve the sacrament.
Glowing Holy Water, remember?
It's been so long since I've seen one, I'd forgotten how...well-crafted it is. Very well.

Here is the next piece of your uniform. Wear them with pride.

Basic Reward
icon 5 390 338 XP
Optional Reward
- Fenris' Leggings
- Fenris' Breeches
- Fenris' Chausses
- Fenris' Greaves
- Fenris' Magic Breeches
Additional info
Quest giverKvasir
Recommended level50
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceAsmodian Only
ClassWarrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Technist, Muse, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunslinger, Songweaver, Aethertech

Quest requirements
Finished quests:
Proving Ground
Not accepted quests:
Fang of Construction
Not completed quests:
Fang of Construction

This quest opens access to following quests:
Luck and Persistence

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