ID: 41046
[Urgent Order] Fighting in Fulminaer
icon Quest
Type: Quest
Category: Panesterra
Level: 999

Eliminate the Enemy who infiltrated the Fulminaer District. (1) Report back to the Disiltroll Security, who appears when your faction captures the base. Eliminate the enemy who infiltrated the Fulminaer District.
An officer said there was only a little time before enemies attacked the Disiltroll Redoubt from the Fulminaer District. You made it just in time.

Full quest's text:
One of the most challenging elements of fighting in Panesterra is immediately knowing who your enemy is.

It takes time and experience, but you must learn how to discern quickly.

Lucky for you, I have a mission you'll need to accomplish with focus and speed. Enemy factions at Fulminaer District are just steps away from launching an attack on Disiltroll Redoubt. I need you to take them down before they succeed.
That's great news.

Your speed and skill are unmatched around here, and they will serve you well in Panesterra.

I'm sure I'll see you soon.

Basic Reward
icon 4 825 175 XP
icon x 4 GP
- Blood Mark
Additional info
Recommended level65
Repeat count
Quest renewal daysEvery Day
Can share
Can cancel
ClassWarrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Technist, Muse, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunslinger, Songweaver, Aethertech

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