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icon Quest
Type: Quest
Category: Miragent Holy Templar Quest
Level: 45
Elyos Only

Collect the ornaments from Calydon Chasers and Calydon Shamans and take them to Lavirintos. PlayerDefeat Mission to Kill the Unavarun Legion at the Tempest Islands (300). Talk with Lavirintos. Go to the Dredgion and get rid of a Dredgion Captains (1). Talk with Lavirintos. Maximize your DP, then take Divine Oath Stone to High Priest Jucleas for the last ritual of affirmation. Talk with Lavirintos. As Lavirintos suggested, carry out the last mission to join the Miragent Holy Templars.
Lavirintos asked you to take the last test. The first mission was to go to Theobomos and kill Calydons.

When you returned, Lavirintos told you the second assignment: go to the Tempest Islands and defeat the Defenders.

When you returned after defeating the Defenders, Lavirintos gave you the last mission: to go to the Dredgion, eliminate one of the Dredgion Captains, and ask Jucleas to perform the ritual of affirmation for you.

When you returned, Lavirintos welcomed you and gave you a powerful Miragent weapon.

Full quest's text:
Player, now you're wearing the uniform of the Miragent Holy Templars. But there's one more that will give you the right to the Miragent's Holy Templar title as well.

The last test will check your loyalty to Sanctum and your flexibility in working together with other members.
We Elyos have many enemies. And Calydons are among the most dangerous.

They seized part of Theobomos, the land that our ancestors and comrades risked their lives to settle, and the Calydons have no intention of returning it to us.

Go to Theobomos and eliminate Calydon Chasers and Calydon Shamans so that they will know the unyielding will of the Elyos!
Collect Calydon Mane Ornaments as proof of your victory.

No pity, no mercy. The Calydons deserve neither.

And take care! They seem slow, but Calydons are surprisingly cunning and employ pack tactics. If you underestimate them, you'll be in big trouble.
Player, you're the talk of Sanctum.

The Miragent Holy Templars are all waiting...after all you've demonstrated thus far, we had no doubt that you would deal with Calydons easily.

Show me the Calydon Mane Ornaments, and we'll make it official!
It was too easy for you, wasn't it? So show us something more: Eliminate some of the oldest, strongest creatures...creatures mutated by the chaos of the Abyss.

Go to the Eye of Reshanta and defeat Ranx Prime Warmongers, Ranx Prime Sharpshooters, Ranx Prime Infiltrators, Ranx Prime Bloodbinders, Ranx Prime Mutilators, Ranx Prime Headhunters, Ranx Prime Dark Mages, and Ranx Prime Nightpriests .Then, come back to me.

The enemies are really huge and strong. You are not afraid of gigantic enemies, are you?
Player, I want to hear how you easily hunted down the Defenders on the Divine Floating Island.

Even a Defender is no match for you, Player.

Now tell me your heroic stories. I want to hear every detail.
This time, we test not only your potential and combat abilities, but also that you can work harmoniously with your colleagues.

The Holy Templars cannot abide those who don't work well with others.

Your target this time is one of the Dredgion Captains. Defeat Captain Adhati, Captain Mituna, or Captain Zanata, but do not go alone! You'll face not only Balaur but also Asmodians trying to interrupt your mission.
We used to think the Dredgion was invincible, but now we know the truth. If brave Daevas work together, they can defeat even the Dredgion.

Did you eliminate one of the captains? Tell me what it's like inside the Dredgion.
Can you hear the cheers? All of them are for you, Player!

Go to High Priest Jucleas and perform the ritual of affirmation one last time. This ritual is to affirm that you've become a member of the Miragent.

Fill yourself with divine power so even the Seraphim Lords take notice of your accomplishment.
Word travels fast. Everyone in Sanctum says you've passed the final test.

I know we've been through this a lot, but the ritual is different this time. In this last ritual of affirmation, you will introduce yourself to the Seraphim Lords and receive their approval.

To prove your pure soul and peerless talent, you must fill yourself with divine power. Have you done so?
I can feel pure, divine power dynamically swirling inside you.

You know what you have to do now, don't you?

Vow your eternal loyalty to the Miragent Holy Templars.... Your destiny awaits, Player.
Give me the Divine Oath Stone.

When this ritual finishes, you will be an official member of the Miragent. You're no longer a mere Daeva--you're something more.

When the ritual is over, go to Lavirintos. He was preparing a weapon to give you--a focus for your considerable power.
You need to be full of divine power to complete the ritual. You must show your soul to the Seraphim Lords, after all.

Come back after filling yourself with divine power.
Oh dear! You forgot the Divine Oath Stone at this critical moment.

Go buy one, and hurry back! Mustn't keep Lavirintos--not to mention the Seraphim Lords--waiting!
Indeed you have. Arieluma, Holy Templar Player!

Now you are a challenger no longer. You are a Miragent's Holy Templar.

You are the chosen scion of a chosen people. Let all bow before your light!

Basic Reward
icon 5 390 338 XP
- Miragent Holy Templar
Optional Reward
- Miragent's Dagger (Assassin)
- Miragent's Sword (Assassin)
- Miragent's Longbow (Assassin)
- Miragent's Harp (Songweaver)
- Miragent's Warhammer (Chanter)
- Miragent's Staff (Chanter)
- Miragent's Shield (Chanter)
- Miragent's Tome (Spiritmaster)
- Miragent's Jewel (Spiritmaster)
- Miragent's Dagger (Gladiator)
- Miragent's Sword (Gladiator)
- Miragent's Warhammer (Gladiator)
- Miragent's Greatsword (Gladiator)
- Miragent's Spear (Gladiator)
- Miragent's Pistol (Gunslinger)
- Miragent's Aethercannon (Gunslinger)
- Miragent's Sword (Templar)
- Miragent's Warhammer (Templar)
- Miragent's Greatsword (Templar)
- Miragent's Shield (Templar)
- Miragent's Warhammer (Cleric)
- Miragent's Staff (Cleric)
- Miragent's Shield (Cleric)
- Miragent's Dagger (Ranger)
- Miragent's Sword (Ranger)
- Miragent's Longbow (Ranger)
- Miragent's Cipher-Blade (Aethertech)
- Miragent's Tome (Sorcerer)
- Miragent's Jewel (Sorcerer)
Additional info
Recommended level50
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceElyos Only
ClassWarrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Technist, Muse, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunslinger, Songweaver, Aethertech

Quest requirements
Finished quests:
Persistence and Luck

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SleepingPanda 20-11-2016 03:20

Can't find these Dredgion captains anywhere in the Abyss (maybe removed by a patch). I'm guessing its only possible by beating a captain of instanced dredgions.