[quest: 3934]
The Quest for Templars
Elyos Only

You can only receive this quest when you have completed the following quest(s):
Class Preceptor's Consent

This quest opens access to following quests:
Shoulder the Burden
Decorations of Sanctum
[Group] The Decorations of Sanctum

Talk with Nianalo.
Talk with Navid.
Talk with Pavel.
Talk with Pendaon.
Talk with Poevius.
Talk with Belicanon.
Talk with Mahelnu.
Talk with Pater.
Take the Oath Stone to High Priest Jucleas and ask him to perform the ritual of affirmation.
Report the result to Lavirintos.
You need to prove to the Miragent Holy Templars that you can gather intelligence. Find Miragent Holy Templars hiding in different places in Elysea, receive their signatures, then ask High Priest Jucleas to perform the ritual of affirmation.

Commander Lavirintos gave you an assignment to find eight Miragent Holy Templars hiding in different places in Elysea.
You found Nianalo, Navid, Pavel, Pendaon, Poevius, Belicanon, Mahelnu, and Pater, received the signatures of all of them, and then took the ritual of affirmation with High Priest Jucleas.
When you returned, Lavirintos gave you another part of the Miragent's Holy Templar uniform.

Full quest's text:
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icon 5 390 338 XP
Additional Reward:
icon Miragent's Gloves
icon Miragent's Vambrace
icon Miragent's Handguards
icon Miragent's Gauntlets
icon Miragent's Magic Vambrace
Level: 45+
Recommended level: 50
Repeat count: 1
Can share: No
Can cancel: Yes
Race: Elyos Only
Gender: All
Class: All

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