ID: 3933
Class Preceptor's Consent
icon Quest
Type: Quest
Category: Miragent Holy Templar Quest
Level: 45
Elyos Only

Receive the signature of Boreas on the recommendation letter. Receive the signature of Jumentis on the recommendation letter. Receive the signature of Charna on the recommendation letter. Receive the signature of Thrasymedes on the recommendation letter. Receive the signature of Oakley on the recommendation letter. Receive the signature of Dion on the recommendation letter. Take the Oath Stone to High Priest Jucleas and ask him to perform the ritual of affirmation. Report to Lavirintos. You must receive the approval of six class preceptors to become a Miragent's Holy Templar. Go to receive the signatures of Boreas, Jumentis, Charna, Thrasymedes, Oakley, and Dion on the recommendation letter, then buy and Oath Stone and ask High Priest Jucleas to perform the ritual of affirmation.
Commander Lavirintos asked whether you would like to join the Miragent Holy Templars.

He said that since you already mastered the sage's teachings, you need to start from the second step, which requires the approvals from six class preceptors.

You received the signatures of Boreas, Jumentis, Charna, and Thrasymedes on the recommendation letter, and then received the ritual of affirmation from High Priest Jucleas.

When you returned after having completed all the procedures, Lavirintos congratulated you and gave you the first part of the Miragent's Holy Templar uniform.

Full quest's text:
All of Sanctum has heard the rumors: that a young Daeva has mastered the sage's teachings in the shortest time ever. I'm guessing that young Daeva is standing in front of me...

...for a conversation that is long overdue. The Miragent Holy Templars have had their eyes on you for some time, Player.
We think that you have what it takes to become a Miragent's Holy Templar, Player.

I'll be blunt: Everything you've done so far was just a prelude--now the real symphony begins. The cost will be every sense of the word.

But think of the payoff. If we Elyos are a chosen people, then how do you think it will feel to be the chosen elite of a chosen people?
To be a Miragent's Holy Templar, you must first receive the approval of the six preceptors--one from each class. If any of them refuses, you cannot be a Holy Templar.

Receive the signatures of Boreas, Jumentis, Charna, Thrasymedes, Oakley, and Dion on this recommendation letter.

Then get Oath Stone at the Fine Accessories shop in Divine Road and go to High Priest Jucleas. Give him the Oath Stone and ask him to perform the ritual of affirmation.
You're not here for skill training, I hope.

With all you've done, you could probably teach me a thing or two.
The Miragent Holy Templars...every Daeva's dream.

I myself once tried to become a Holy Templar. Made it about halfway through, then gave up out of utter exhaustion.

I see determination in your eyes. Good--you'll need it.
Let me guess: You're trying to become a Miragent's Holy Templar.

Don't be so surprised. I didn't get this far without a knack for foresight.

And even if I lacked foresight...Lavirintos's voice carries quite far in this room. I overheard his whole speech to you.
Here you go. If you make it into the Miragent Holy Templars, maybe I'll be asking for your signature someday.

Be strong in the days and weeks ahead. Joining the Miragents is an immense task.
Let me guess. More paperwork.

Nobody asks me for advice.

What are you requisitioning?
I'll sign this, but get to politely listen to some advice. Two kinds of Daeva try to become Miragent Holy Templars. One kind will do almost anything to earn the splendid uniform the Miragents wear.

The other kind will do almost anything to prove--to themselves and to others--that they're the best of the best. Which kind of Daeva are you, Player?

I suppose we'll find out in the days ahead. Here's your signature.
I've been waiting for you, Player. Why didn't you come to me first?

Let me guess: You wanted me to see three other signatures...because of my reputation for being tough.

Well, you needn't have worried. I think you're tough enough for Miragent, Player...or at least tough enough to try.
I'm excited to see where you go from here, Player.

You've already done great things, and being a member of Miragent's can only help with that.
I can tell you're not here to learn skills, so tell me what's up, and be quick about it!

What's that you're holding there?
Oh! Why didn't you say so? I always have time for a Miragent challenger.

Here's my signature. I wish you success!
You're here at last, Player. I heard that you were looking for signatures, and I knew you'd come to me sooner or later.

You saved the best for last, eh?

Normally, it's an autograph book that I'm signing, but this is, if anything, a greater honor.
Now that all of us have signed off on this letter, you need to receive the ritual of affirmation from Lyceum of Sanctum, then go back to Commander Lavirintos.

Oh, I almost forgot! Get yourself a Oath Stone. You'll need it for the ritual, and they aren't cheap.
The Lyceum of Sanctum is a place for praising the holiness of the five Seraphim Lords and serving the Daevas.

Visit here whenever you want to pray to the Seraphim Lords.

Make yourself at home here--the Lyceum is a sanctuary to all.
You must be trying to join the Miragent Holy Templars. New challengers--for that's what they call them--are the only ones who need the ritual of affirmation.

Commander Lavirintos says few Daevas are up to the challenge anymore. I suppose you're an exception, Player.

Perhaps our people are getting too complacent, but if more people saw the Miragent Holy Templars in action, they'd be inspired to be a challenger like you.
What? No Oath Stone?

You are not the first challenger who forgot to bring the Oath Stone. And you probably won't be the last.

It's probably just nerves. So calm yourself, and remember: whenever you come to me needing a ritual of affirmation, you'll need the Oath Stone as well.

You've taken the first step. Symbolic of that, take these shoes.

May they guide your feet down the long path ahead of you--a path that will lead to you joining our order and becoming the best Elysea has to offer.

Basic Reward
icon 5 390 338 XP
Optional Reward
- Miragent's Shoes
- Miragent's Boots
- Miragent's Brogans
- Miragent's Sabatons
- Miragent's Magic Boots
Additional info
Quest giverLavirintos
Recommended level50
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceElyos Only
ClassWarrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Technist, Muse, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunslinger, Songweaver, Aethertech

This quest opens access to following quests:
The Quest for Templars

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