ID: 3902
Esoteric Book of Freedom
icon Quest
Type: Quest
Category: Sanctum
Level: 999
Elyos Only

Talk with Jumentis. Deliver the Esoteric Book of Freedom to Jumentis.
Eumelos asked you to deliver a book that contains the secret skills of Rangers and Assassins to Jumentis.

Upon receiving the Esoteric Book of Freedom, Jumentis said that, to become a better Daeva, you should learn all the lessons in the Esoteric Books, and that he would help you.

Full quest's text:
Have you heard of the Esoteric Books of Freedom? They contain the secrets and techniques of Rangers and Assassins.

Jumentis is currently charged as their keeper. I borrowed the first volume from him and I'd like to return it.

Unfortunately, I can neither leave my post nor entrust an Esoteric Book to just anyone. On the other hand, you're hardly just anyone.
I've heard you're one of Lord Vaizel's faithful [%userclass]s. That's encouraging as our struggles seem unending.

Take this Esoteric Book of Freedom to Jumentis in Protectors Hall.

Guard it well, Player. The pages were written in blood, not ink--costly blood.
Jumentis specializes in poisons, though he's well versed in all of the techniques of Lord Vaizel. I think he just likes the taste of poisons.

It's the antidotes that taste like refuse.

If you wish to study our deeper mysteries, you'll find him an invaluable resource.
Those who chose the path of Rangers and Assassins are usually mercurial and dynamic, not generally given towards tutelage.

And yet Lord Vaizel bade us to train well the fledgling Daevas. Too few of us remember that.

And what brings you here? Did you forget which end of the dagger to hold?
Ah. Wonderful. The Esoteric Books of Freedom are nothing but gibberish to those who don't know our argot.

So Eumelos feels you're ready to delve deeper into the Lord of Freedom's secrets? So be it.

If you want to learn our ways, work with me. I'll devise a regimen appropriate for your skills and experience.

Basic Reward
icon 134 338 XP
Additional info
Quest giverEumelos
Recommended level25
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceElyos Only
ClassScout, Assassin, Ranger

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