ID: 3505
Logs to Burn
icon Quest
Type: Quest
Category: Heiron
Level: 40
Elyos Only

Collect Flame Staffs from Vicious Specters and take them to Camana. PlayerHelp Camana by gathering the firewood needed to prepare the meal for the village Vigilantes.
Camana was ordered by the priest to prepare meals for the village Vigilantes.

She needed help and asked you to bring back several Flame Staffs from the Vicious Specters, which you accomplished.

Full quest's text:
Thanks to you, Player, I managed to eat something. But now I must worry about feeding the Vigilantes of the village.

This is worse than battle! All they do is eat! I need to find enough ingredients plus some firewood, then cook the meal and do all the washing up afterward.

Sometimes I think I'd much rather pick up my sword and get back out in the trenches.
These Vigilantes don't even bother to wash their plates after they've finished. It's like watching Drakes eat.

Would you give me a hand, Player? I know you're probably not much of a cook, but if you could find some firewood, that would help me out so much.

Do you have time?
If only the Vigilantes were as considerate as you, Daeva. Thank you.

You've done this before so you know what I need, yes? Just find me about a ten Flame Staffs...the staffs of the Vicious Specters from the Patema Ruins.

They seem to burn forever. Not even the heavy winds here can put them out.
Arieluma! Did you bring the staffs?

I caught a slew of Sand Potcrabs while you've been gone. Now I can boil them so the inconsiderate carnivores can sleep with full bellies tonight.
I suppose getting the Flame Staffs from the Vicious Specters isn't going as easily as you'd hoped.

You haven't given up, have you? We're going to have a village of angry Vigilantes if that's the case.
Oh, these are great, Daeva! They're fresh and dry--dry as Andu's legendary wit--perfect for burning.

You really helped me out here. This isn't much, but please take it.

Basic Reward
icon 1 381 954 XP
icon x 7 950
- Starturtle Cream Soup
- Suspicious Red Sack
Additional info
Quest giverCamana
Recommended level41
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceElyos Only
ClassWarrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Technist, Muse, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunslinger, Songweaver, Aethertech

Quest requirements
Finished quests:
The Best Firewood

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