ID: 3340
Preparing for the Destruction of the Lepharist Bastion
icon Quest
Type: Quest
Category: Eltnen
Level: 33
Elyos Only

Talk with Laigas. Kill Lepharist Defense Commanders and deliver the Assault Orders to Laigas. PlayerKill Lepharist Defender Leaders until you find the encoded plans.
Telemachus informed you that the Lepharists had stolen encoded plans for the destruction of their camp. He was not so concerned about the plans as he was about the Lepharists deciphering the code.

Laigas was not interested in risking his life to cover Telemachus's mistake and told you how to get the plans back. He was happy you were able to accomplish your mission, but he wondered if the Lepharists made other copies.

Full quest's text:
While we slept a few nights ago, the Lepharists stole our encrypted plans to destroy their base.

If they break the code, it could mean the lives of hundreds of Elyos.

Go to the Kuriullu Outpost. Laigas will assist you from there.
Telemechus told me you'd come.

Figures he'd make me clean up his messes. Although he did say I just had to "assist" you, I suppose it's up to me what that means.
Well, I'm not going into that death trap if I can avoid it.

My spies in the camp tell me that one of the Lepharist Defense Commander has the Assault Orders you are looking for. Fight them until you find it. Then, return to me.
You came back! I wouldn't have. I was right to send you in alone.

The question is were you successful?
Great work! I'll be sure to send this back up to Telemachus. Oh, and I'll be sure to tell him you performed admirably.

Let's just hope those Lepharists were too enamored with their own rituals to remember to make a copy.

Basic Reward
icon 3 509 468 XP
- Demolitions Expert
Additional info
Quest giverTelemachus
Recommended level38
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceElyos Only

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