[quest: 2900]
No Escaping Destiny
Asmodian Only

This quest opens access to following quests:
Twice as Bright
Spirit Blade
But What we Make
To Face the Future
Secrets and Lies

Talk with Heimdall.
Talk with Munin.
Talk with Urd.
Talk with Verdandi.
Talk with Skuld.
Let's go to the Space of Destiny.
Talk with Skuld again.
Get prepared to use the Stigma and talk with Skuld.
Defeat Hellion.
Talk with Skuld.
Talk with Munin.
Talk with Aud.
Heimdall wants to talk with you. Go to Pandaemonium to meet him.

After hearing that Heimdall sought a word with you, you went to meet him. Heimdall said that Munin wanted to see you.
You visited Munin in his Ishalgen prison crystal. Munin told you that Stigma powers would give you the edge you need to achieve your destiny.
You met Urd, Verdandi, and then Skuld. As Skuld ordered, you defeated Hellion in a Space of Destiny and acquired the ability to use Stigma Stones.

Full quest's text:
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icon 25 000 kinah
icon 457 760 XP
Expand Stigma Slot: 1
icon Recovery Serum x 10

Additional Reward:
icon Sigil Strike
icon Stinging Note
icon Annihilation
icon Cyclone of Wrath
icon Draining Blow
icon Power Grab
icon Inquisitor's Blow
icon Sacrificial Power
icon Focused Shots
icon Riplash
icon Storm Strike
Level: 20+
Recommended level: 20
Repeat count: 1
Can share: No
Can cancel: No
Race: Asmodian Only
Gender: All
Class: All

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