ID: 2900
No Escaping Destiny
icon Quest
Type: Campaign
Category: Pandaemonium
Level: 20
Asmodian Only

Talk with Heimdall. Talk with Munin. Talk with Urd. Talk with Verdandi. Talk with Skuld. Let's go to the Space of Destiny. Talk with Skuld again. Get prepared to use the Stigma and talk with Skuld. Defeat Hellion. Talk with Skuld. Talk with Munin. Talk with Aud. Heimdall wants to talk with you. Go to Pandaemonium to meet him.
After hearing that Heimdall sought a word with you, you went to meet him. Heimdall said that Munin wanted to see you.

You visited Munin in his Ishalgen prison crystal. Munin told you that Stigma powers would give you the edge you need to achieve your destiny.

You met Urd, Verdandi, and then Skuld. As Skuld ordered, you defeated Hellion in a Space of Destiny and acquired the ability to use Stigma Stones.

Full quest's text:
Azphelumbra, Player! It's been too long since we've talked.

It looks like you've been thriving as a Daeva.

All of Asmodae is proud of the strength you've displayed!
In particular, Munin is proud of your accomplishments since you ascended.

He has...ways...of communicating from his prison cell, and he sent me a message yesterday. He seems to have something important to tell you.

You can find him in Ishalgen, still confined in The Forsaken Hollow.
Though confined here, I have been watching you, Player.

The pace of your accomplishments as a Daeva has been impressive--impressive indeed!

I'm proud enough to think that my guidance before your ascension helped you achieve so much, so fast.
That being the case, I'd like to help you again.

It's time for you to learn how to use a Stigma Stone to unlock powers...powers beyond your imagination!

But like all my lessons, this one involves self-discovery. I directed my three pupils to prepare something for you, so head back to Aldelle Village and visit Urd.
Aren't you dressed for adventure! Come back to show off to the other raiders, did you?

Ah, forget I said anything. If what master Munin says is true, you're entitled to show off a little.

Let's check your past again. You've accumulated more "past" since I last saw you. Time marches on, doesn't it?
You're soaring like the bird in the card I gave you last time, that's for sure.

I can assure you of one thing--your past doesn't tether you to any specific destiny.

That means you're truly free...whatever that means. Ask Verdandi--she'll tell you more.
Are you here for mischief, Player...or for revelation?

When you didn't change into a Ribbit like everyone else, I knew you could become something special.

Now Munin asks me whether you've lived up to that promise.
I live in the present tense, and I see that your present is bright indeed.

But watch out! Your rivals are growing in power at this very moment. If you awaken your dormant power, you can keep pace.

That's where the Stigma Stone comes in. But first, Skuld is waiting for you right now...and she's worried about something she sees in your future.
I have no special expertise in the past or present, Player, but I can tell that you've done well so far...perhaps because nothing significant has blocked your path.

That's about to change.

Storm clouds gather around you, even as we speak.
Why such a dire vision? Your mortal enemy--whose destiny surrounds yours--grows more powerful with each passing day. If you and Hellion continue on your present paths, destruction lies in your future...and Asmodae's as well.

To defeat him and free your destiny--free Asmodae's future--you have to break out in a way that Hellion can't match.

Come with me into a Space of Destiny--a place beyond places, if you will--and we'll see whether Stigma powers can give you the edge you need.
I see your hands are shaking.

Are you afraid because you don't know what's about to happen?

Do your best, and you need not fear this future-that-may-be.
You've probably heard whispers about and a foretold "Thirteenth Empyrean Lord." A literal reading of those prophecies suggests that the Thirteenth Empyrean Lord will destroy Atreia.

But Munin and his followers--myself included--have a more dynamic view of prophecy...and of the nature of destiny.

Your destiny and that of Hellion...they can't both reach reality. If you win against that Elyos Daeva and go beyond your limit, your destiny will come to fruition.
The Stigma Stone is a fragment of a soul--a former Daeva, now largely returned to Aether's flow. But enough remains that you can tap into a power that Daeva knew-- Stigma Stones.

The Stigma Stone I've given you works only within this Space of Destiny. But if you can work one Stigma Stone, you can work any others you discover.

If you are ready, try to equip it now, then make ready the power it grants you.
Excellent! That's how it's done.

The power you obtain from the Stigma Stone is never a power you already have. But as long as you've got the Stigma Stone, it works like any of your other abilities.

Are you ready to test your new Stigma power?
Soon you will see your mortal enemy, Hellion.

Defeat Hellion with your new power.

Hellion is strong, but his strength lies within limits. Use the power of the Stigma Stone, and you'll show him that you laugh at such "limits."
Well done! This isn't the real Hellion, but within this Space of Destiny, it's real enough, is it not?

When you face the real Hellion in the future, the power of Stigma will be key to your victory.

And Munin wishes to congratulate you personally, of course. I'll send you to him now.
You have the ability to use Stigma now? And you've faced down Hellion! Congratulations!

This is only the start, Player. Continue to gather power and grow as a Daeva. Somewhere far, far from here, Hellion is doing likewise.
Now that you can use Stigma, go to Pandaemonium and meet Aud.

You can get whatever power you want by buying and equipping the proper Stigma Stone.

If you need another power, equip a new Stigma--though some are hard to find.
Aether shimmers in your wake, Player.

You clearly have the energy to power a Stigma Stone.

I will equip or remove Stigma Stones whenever you want. Bring the Stigma Stones to me, and I'll do the rest.

Basic Reward
icon 457 760 XP
icon x 25 000
Expand Stigma Slot x 1 DP
- Recovery Serum
Optional Reward
- Sigil Strike (Assassin)
- Stinging Note (Songweaver)
- Annihilation (Chanter)
- Cyclone of Wrath (Spiritmaster)
- Draining Blow (Gladiator)
- Power Grab (Gunslinger)
- Inquisitor's Blow (Templar)
- Sacrificial Power (Cleric)
- Focused Shots (Ranger)
- Riplash (Aethertech)
- Storm Strike (Sorcerer)
Additional info
Recommended level20
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceAsmodian Only
ClassWarrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Technist, Muse, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunslinger, Songweaver, Aethertech

This quest opens access to following quests:
Twice as Bright

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