ID: 24070
Foreign Land, Familiar Plot
icon Quest
Type: Campaign
Category: Sarpan
Level: 999
Asmodian Only

Talk with Agent Aimah on board Habrok. Talk with Reian Elder Rafael in Kamar. Go to Refugee Camp and talk with Eyriss. Enter the Mephitic Caverns through Mephitic Caverns Sealing Gate. Eradicate the Mephitic Klaw and take the Corrupted Idgel Cleanser to Rafael. PlayerOrder: Go see Aimah.
Agent Aimah on board Habrok told you to go and see Reian Elder Rafael, as he is looking for someone who is familiar with Ide.

When you went to see Rafael, he spoke of the appearance of Klaws in a cave south of Kamar and surprised you by revealing that the Klaws have an item associated with Ide.

He told you to see Eyriss to hear more in detail. When you met with Eyriss, he told you that the Klaws seemed to have obtained an Ide item that the Dragonbound left behind.

You eradicated the Klaws in the Mephitic Caverns and took the Ide device to Rafael.

Rafael said Beritra must have manipulated the Dragonbound in Sarpan to use the power of Ide and added that he will inform other Reian Elders.

Full quest's text:
Welcome to Sarpan. I am called Aimah, a servant of Marchutan.

This place is Kamar and the people you see here are Reians. I don't think they like seeing us fighting the Elyos, but...
Well, enough grumbling from me.

You should go and see Rafael. he is an Elder Reian and I'm sure he would like to speak with you based on my recommendation.

He's reluctant to ask an Asmodian for assistance, but he is in need of someone familiar with Ide. Show them their preconceptions are faulty.

You'll find Rafael in Siel's Spear Headquarters.
You are one capable of piloting a mobile armor, huh? An unusual specimen indeed.

We Reians, have been locked in conflict with Tiamat remnants, Strigik, and Calydons to maintain peace here in Sarpan.

It seems telling that Tiamat was only the beginning and by no means has her end improved our situation.
I've heard talk of the reappearance of Klaws in a cave south of Kamar. Klaws are nothing new to the Reians, but we've detected an object consisting of Ide amongst them.

Unfortunately, we lack the strength to wipe out those Klaws without leaving Sarpan vulnerable. This is where your task begins, Daeva.

Go and talk with Eyriss out in Refugee Camp and see what you can do.
Listen carefully. The Klaws infesting Mephitic Caverns have a suspicious item that might be associated with Ide.

We believe they acquired it from the remains of Balaur that used to seek shelter there. I want you to head south until you find a Mephitic Caverns Sealing Gate that leads into the Mephitic Caverns.

Eradicate the Mephitic Klaw and once you have the source of Ide, report to Rafael.
(A strange sound from deep within...?)
What's the situation in the cave?

The fact that the Klaws are there is problem enough without having the dangers of Ide involved.
The rumor was true...

Why would the Klaws be keeping an Ide device?
I may have some insight into this. Before the Klaws came, the Mephitic Caverns was inhabited by Dragonbound.

I've heard that Beritra tried to use the power of Ide through the Dragonbound in Gelkmaros, but I didn't expect something similar to happen in Sarpan too.

I'd better inform other Elders of this immediately. Perhaps all Asmodians are not simple warmongerers.

Basic Reward
icon 25 726 664 XP
- Aimah's Armor Chest
Optional Reward
- Sarpan's Shoes
- Sarpan's Boots
- Sarpan's Brogans
- Sarpan's Sabatons
- Sarpan's Magic Boots
- Sarpan's Magic Brogans
Additional info
Recommended level56
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceAsmodian Only
ClassTechnist, Aethertech

This quest opens access to following quests:
The Protector's Test

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