ID: 24062
A Dark Plan
icon Quest
Type: Campaign
Category: Gelkmaros
Level: 999
Asmodian Only

Talk with Merhen. Meet with Ortiz. Wipe out the Underground City Elite Dragonbound. (6) Report to Ortiz. Talk with Rhonnam. Go to Ancillary Observatory and examine the device built by Dragonbound. Wipe out the Mitrakand Drakan Elites and take the [%dic:STR_DIC_I_quest_24062a] to Merhen. PlayerOrder: There is intelligence that Dragonbound and Tiamat's remnants in Gelkmaros have acquired Ide devices. Go to Merhen.
Intelligence Officer Merhen said the Dragonbound and the Balaur, who have been quiet since the death of Tiamat, are stirring again and told you to see Ortiz.

Ortiz requested you to eliminate the Dragonbound, and you carried out his request. Ortiz mentioned the possibility of the Balaur instigating the Dragonbound, and told you see Rhonnam for more details.

You went to see Rhonnam and he told you that the Dragonbound were building a device that he's never seen before near the Silentera Canyon. He added that the device bore a pattern that was similar to the pattern drawn on an item he saw a Balaur carrying.

After examining the device built by the Dragonbound, you wiped out the Mitrakand Drakans and obtained from them an object bearing a similar pattern that was on the Dragonbound' device.

You took the object to Merhen who said the object was related to Ide, and thus the Dragonbound' device must be associated with Ide. Merhen also said the Balaur in Mitrakand are Tiamat remnants who surrendered to Beritra, which suggested a connection between Beritra and the Dragonbound in Mitrakand.

This revealed that Beritra's plot to manipulate Ide devices extends beyond Atreia.

Full quest's text:
Scouts report new movement from the Dragonbound.

From the intel we've gathered so far, the Dragonbound of Subterranea and Mitrakand have redoubled their attack.

I need you to head out and assist our soldiers, Player.
Find Ortiz in the Underground City Observation Post. Ortiz has forward knowledge of enemy troop movements.

Perhaps he can shed some light on the situation.
Did Merhen send you?

The situation is far worse than you know.
After Dragon Lord Tiamat was slain, the Dragonbound of the Underground City remained in the city.

That is, until now. They've been venturing out to attack Reian patrols. Their uncharacteristic attacks are being incited by something more sinister.

Go to the Underground City and eliminate the Underground City Elite Dragonbound. We need to snuff this threat before it gets out of hand.
Underground City Elite Dragonbound is dead then?

They were once our brethren. Salvation only reaches so far for so long.

At least their tarnished blood has been expunged from our lineage.
With that matter contained, I believe Asmodian soldiers can handle the rest. Your next destination should be the Rhonnam Refugee Village. They are suffering attacks from Dragonbound and the village must be secured.
Welcome, Daeva. Did Ortiz send you?

It's good you arrived when you did. The Dragonbound have become more aggressive.

I received a worrying report that Dragonbound are building a strange device near the Silentera Canyon.

Please go to Ancillary Observatory and figure out what that contraption is. There was a symbol on it that I recognized as Balauric. I'm sure the two are linked.

Once you've examined the device, eliminate the Mitrakand Drakan Elites in Mitrakand. With any luck, you will find a correlation between them and the pattern on the device.
You've been gone for some time now. What do you have to report?
This is... an object that might have grave implications.

This object by itself is no light matter, but I need confirmation.
They must be using the Silentera Canyon to smuggle Ide devices from Katalam.

The Tiamat remnants in Mitrakand are those who have surrendered to Beritra.

Beritra must be manipulating the Dragonbound and Tiamat remnants in Gelkmaros. We can't hold off any longer. We must destroy their forces before it's too late.

Basic Reward
icon 25 124 811 XP
- Obstinate Herdsman
- Richelle's Armor Chest
- Mithril Coin
- Mithril Coin Chest
Optional Reward
- Valetta's Shield
- Valetta Scale Shield
Additional info
Recommended level52
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceAsmodian Only
ClassTechnist, Aethertech

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