ID: 24061
Untangling Taloc's Hollow
icon Quest
Type: Campaign
Category: Gelkmaros
Level: 999
Asmodian Only

Speak to Valetta. Meet Angrad and check what the problem is. Get advice from Eddas. Meet with Taloc's Guardian. Maximize your ability by using Taloc Fruit. (1). Use the Taloc's Tears and purify Taloc's Hollow (20). Destroy Celestius, the source of the contamination. (1) Talk with Taloc's Mirage. Talk with Vellun. Report to Valetta. Order: The Aether Generator in the Krug Basin Test Site is malfunctioning. Go to Valetta.
The Aether Generator in the Krug Basin Test Site stopped for an unknown reason. Reian tribesman Eddas said that the energy of the air had flown abnormally since the Taloc's Guradian came to Gelkmaros and suggested that you check it out.

In Taloc's Hollow, you used a fruit known to maximize your abilities as a Daeva and transformed into a Guardian General with tremendous power.

As soon as you defeated Celestius absorbing all energy of Aether inside Taloc, the flow of energy became normalized and the Aether Generator started to run normally.

After completing the mission, you reported the results, and Valetta said the power of the fruit was actually your own power.

Full quest's text:
You need to go to Gelkmaros Falls immediately. It seems there is a problem with the Aether Generator.

As you know, there is very little Aether flow in Gelkmaros. We've installed many generators to turn natural energy into Aether for Daevas, most notably the crystal of Krug Basin Test Site downstream of the Gelkmaros Falls.

I sent Angrad, the most reliable of my legionaries, to the area to keep it functioning...but he seems to have failed.
Our control of Gelkmaros depends heavily on our ability to secure Aether. Failure to defend our interests may force a withdrawal from Gelkmaros.

The Aether Generator in the Krug Basin Test Site has already stopped. Angrad seems to have given up.

I told Angrad that I would send someone competent to assist him. I need you to see what's going on.
Player! I'm in some serious trouble.

I left the test site in Denskel's hands and came here to figure out the solution, but haven't made much progress. I don't understand why the generator worked well in other areas but malfunctions here.

(Lowering his voice) There is a Reian tribe elder named Eddas in this campsite. He is known to be very familiar with Aether and Drana, so I asked him for help. He's been avoiding me, and I think he knows something. Can you try to talk with him?
I have lived in Gelkmaros for hundreds of years. I know what is going on here only by looking at the flow of energy in the air.

I already know why you have come to me, and I have nothing to say to you.
I have coexisted with many different peoples because I did not intervene in their affairs.

I may have to break my rule in order to protect the Elim. Your Aether Generators are only a forerunner for future disaster within Taloc's Hollow.

Go to Taloc's Guardian and ask him what you want to know. If you haven't built up a reputation with the Elim, there is no guarantee you'll get an answer.
Many things have gone wrong. Take the incomprehensible distortion that began inside Taloc's Hollow.

You are the one who must make a correction, by going inside.

Receive this, the fruit and tears of Taloc. Consuming Taloc Fruit will bring out the best in you.
Daeva's tenacity cannot be coalesced into Taloc.

Daeva holds too strong a power. To a degree that it shatters Taloc's might.

Your attempt was commendable.
I don't want help, not from many people...

Come alone if you are determined to get inside Taloc's Hollow.
There is miraculous power within.

Who are you? Everything comes back to its place, thanks to your help.

Go forth and tell the one who studies your device, Vellun, that everything has been restored.
I saw Lumiel's Crystal up in the sky being supplied with Aether and realized that the Aether Generator has resumed normal operations.

What did you do? How did you fix the thing that had stopped for no reason? As far as I know, the generator is not such a simple structure.

I think this incident needs to be probed and studied. But first, go and report to Commander Valetta.
Aion Fragment... Then, those distorted spaces were created inside Taloc's Hollow due to the Cataclysm.

Now it makes sense. The creatures absorbing Aether from the fragments of Aion stuck on contaminated Aether, which caused Taloc's Guardian to come this far.

The power Taloc's Fruit gives you comes not from an external source but from you. In other words, you have a potential as powerful as that of Guardian General even though you haven't realized it.

Basic Reward
icon 20 438 862 XP
icon x 22 760
- Valetta's Accessory Chest
- Gelkmaros Fortress Scroll
- Mithril Coin
- Mithril Coin Chest
Optional Reward
- Valetta's Leggings
- Valetta's Breeches
- Valetta's Chausses
- Valetta's Greaves
- Valetta's Magic Breeches
- Varetta's Magic Chausses
Additional info
Recommended level51
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceAsmodian Only
ClassTechnist, Aethertech

This quest opens access to following quests:
Mystery of the Aether

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