ID: 24043
Lazy Language Lessons
icon Quest
Type: Campaign
Category: Reshanta
Level: 45
Asmodian Only

Talk with Hisui. Talk to Sinjah. Weaken the Ashikar Assaulter and lure it out. Talk with Grunn. Talk with Kaoranerk. Speak with Phosphor. Bring the Language Crystal to Kaoranerk. Report the result to Hisui. Order: To carry out missions in the Abyss, you should learn the Balaur language. Meet Hisui and hear the details.
Hisui said the first step to learning the Balaur language was to catch a Balaur alive, so you caught a Draconute with the help of Sinjah in the Krakon.

Sinjah told you she'd bring the Draconute to the fortress, and she sent you to go to Grunn. Grunn sent the Balaur to Kaoranerk, a Shugo inventor who built a machine that teaches people the Balaur language very easily. Kaoranerk had you retrieve a Language Crystal from Phosphor in the Temple of Knowledge for his machine.

You brought back the Language Crystal and took it to Kaoranerk. His machine taught you to understand the Balaur language. Hisui said she'd surely give important missions to you in the future.

Full quest's text:
Azphel himself says, "Know your enemy." If you're going to know your enemy here in Reshanta, you should learn how to speak like a Balaur.

It can be a matter of life and death. When a Balaur shouts "Charge!" or "Retreat!" you'll want to know which one they're shouting, eh?

And if we ever send you on a scouting mission, you'll be a lot more useful if you can overhear the Balaur plans.
That's not as easy as it sounds. The Balaur language is ancient and difficult for Humans to pronounce. Even with a great instructor, it'd take years to learn the Balaur tongue the traditional way.

But recently we figured out a shortcut.

The first step is capturing a Balaur. Go to Krakon's Dispute and meet Sinjah; she'll point you in the right direction.
Azphelumbra, [%userclass].

Are you here for instruction? Or just to get a report on recent Balaur activity?
See the pillar over there? Lots of Balaur.

Maybe the pillar is the remnant of an ancient Balaur weapon--I don't know much history. But they cluster around it. That much I do know.

Go there and catch a Ashikar Assaulter. Once it's badly wounded, bring it close, and we'll capture it.
I've been waiting for you, Player. You're trying to learn the Balaur language, right?

We used to learn bits of the language from captured Balaur as they raged against their chains--and you don't exactly get a broad vocabulary that way.

Now, we've got a better technique.
A Shugo inventor called Kaoranerk came up with it, actually--a machine that imparts an understanding of the Balaur language to a Human.

So rather than months of instruction, you get to learn it in an instant. You're quite lucky, Player.

That's where I sent the Ashikar--to Kaoranerk. Go straight along the fortress wall and you'll see him there.
Welcome, akakak! Here to learn the Balaur language?

Welcome, welcome!

You're really lucky. My method teaches the Balaur language instantly--and it's not lethal!
Well, it would be good if the machine were operational.

But the Language Crystal is burnt out, and I don't have a spare, nyerk.

Phosphor at the Temple of Knowledge in Pandaemonium has crystals. You're the student, so you can fetch it for me...akakak!
What brings you here? Are you a seeker of unknown lore?

Ask for wisdom quietly, so you don't disturb other knowledge-seekers.
Ah, you came for a Language Crystal, then. That's the only thing Kaoranerk ever asks for.

Remind him that these things are strictly experimental, won't you? I think he forgets the power he's meddling with sometimes.

This crystal should work--if it doesn't explode into a million jagged shards. Take it to Kaoranerk.
You came back, Daeva!

Have you been to Phosphor? Then give me the Language Crystal...akakak!
It is done! As I expected, it works perfectly.

And you were so worried!

Now you speak Balaur like a Balaur. So go kill some Balaur...akakak!
Your brains aren't scrambled, so that means Kaoranerk's invention really works.

I'll start sending other Daevas to him, and that'll give us a significant advantage on the battlefield.

And because you can speak the Balaur language, I'm sure I'll have some intelligence-gathering missions for you in the future.

Basic Reward
icon 8 325 278 XP
icon x 800
- Balaur Whisperer
- Strange Yellow Sack
- Petra Medal
Additional info
Recommended level45
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceAsmodian Only
ClassWarrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Technist, Muse, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunslinger, Songweaver, Aethertech

Quest requirements
Not accepted quests:
The Shadow Summons
Not completed quests:
The Shadow Summons

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