ID: 24023
A Blazing Rescue
icon Quest
Type: Campaign
Category: Morheim
Level: 29
Asmodian Only

Talk to Anund. Meet Bulagan. Enter the Sky Temple of Arkanis through the Water Room. Go to the Water Room, the Wind Room, and the Fire Room, and find the Keys and return to Bulagan. PlayerReport the result to Gangleri. Order: There is an important mission regarding the Sky Temple of Arkanis. Go to Anund and get the details.
Anund said Agnita should be rescued and told you go to the Sky Temple to see Bulagan.

Bulagan said the key to enter the Fire Temple where Agnita is imprisoned must be found first, so you went through the Water Room, Wind Room and Fire Room to collect three keys for him.

Once you got the keys, Bulagan blew the energy of the Abyss Key onto you. Gangleri was glad to find out that Agnita could be saved anytime.

Full quest's text:
I don't know how interested you are in history, Daeva. There are some important lessons to learn from our past.

Do you know the tale of the Sky Temple of Arkanis?
It's not a story the Shadow Council likes to advertise. A Shadow Judge called Kromede was banished for corruption. For many years she wandered in exile, but then came to Morheim searching for a weapon.

You see, the Sky Temple of Arkanis was said to house a powerful Daevic weapon, guarded in a secret chamber by Agnita, a Daeva of Flame.
Kromede tried all sorts of tricks to take over the temple. But Agnita was powerful and cunning and the Temple had some traps of its own. In the end, they were both sealed inside the secret chamber. At least Kromede's machinations were foiled.

Since then, numerous Daevas have attempted to rescue Agnita and dispose of Kromede, but hardly anyone ever makes it back alive.
Not quite. I'm sure it's no surprise the Shadow Court is eager to clean up this mess and rescue Agnita. I think you might be the Daeva to succeed.

Agnita's servant Bulagan is still in the Sky Temple of Arkanis. If he's still loyal, he'll help.

You needn't report back to me. The Shadow Executor in Alsig Village, Gangleri will be closer to the temple.
Are you here to help Agnita? I can help you.

The key to the Fire Temple, where my master is trapped, requires three keys.
Three keys of the Sky Temple to get the Abyss Key to the Fire Temple. Access to the secret chamber was never supposed to be easy.

Although I cannot enter the temple, I can give you the Water Chamber Key needed to enter the first room. You will have to master the Temple Soul, the doorkeeper of the Water Room. In the Water Room, you'll find the Wind Key.
The Wind Key grants access to the Wind Room--a pair of floating disks. The Fire Key is on the second disk.

The Fire Key will open the door to the Fire Room--a trio of floating disks. Retrieve the Abyss Key from the last disk.

I wouldn't go there alone if I were you. Sky Temple of Arkanis has destroyed many Daevas--it's supposed to be dangerous, after all. Be sure to take skilled companions along.
You came back.

Did you bring all of the keys?
You give me hope, Daeva! For far too long my master Agnita has remained imprisoned!

The Abyss Key has imprinted its power on you. You can enter the Fire Temple anytime you wish. Whoever sent you will want to know!
With the power of the Abyss Key, you can enter the Fire Temple at any time and rescue Agnita.

It will be good to have this resolved!

Basic Reward
icon 1 037 982 XP
- Recovery Serum
Optional Reward
- Morheim Shade Legionary Sword
- Morheim Shade Legionary Mace
- Morheim Shade Legionary Dagger
- Morheim Shade Legionary Orb
- Morheim Shade Legionary Spellbook
- Morheim Shade Legionary Greatsword
- Morheim Shade Legionary Polearm
- Morheim Shade Legionary Staff
- Morheim Shade Legionary Bow
- Morheim Shade Legionary Pistol
- Morheim Shade Legionary Aethercannon
- Morheim Shade Legionary Harp
- Morheim Shade Legionary Cipher-Blade
Additional info
Quest giverPerikles
Recommended level29
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceAsmodian Only
ClassWarrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Technist, Muse, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunslinger, Songweaver, Aethertech

Quest requirements
Not accepted quests:
Hold The Front Line
Not completed quests:
Hold The Front Line

This quest opens access to following quests:
[Group] Kalgolem Crystals
[Daily] Raiders of the Lost Arkanis

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Whation 16-06-2014 09:10

This is the equivalent of The Three Keys campaigns for Aethertechs... I believe it should be indicated as AT-class restricted, at least for now.

Admin 16-06-2014 15:14

According to the game's client this quest is available for all classes. Also, there are rewards for all classes, so i doubt that it should be AT-class restricted.