ID: 24022
Sneak Behind the Ice Claw
icon Quest
Type: Campaign
Category: Morheim
Level: 28
Asmodian Only

Talk to Tofa in Desert Garrison. Talk to Aprily. Go to Desert Garrison and talk to Jorund. Obtain Red Abex Meat and roast it at Dead Fire in Altar of Trial to lure out the White Brow Tayga. Dispose of the White Brow Tayga. [%14] Report the result to Landver in Ice Claw Village. Use the new title to enter the Karhel's Aetheric Field and defeat Protector Karhel. [%20] Return to Tofa in Desert Garrison. Report the result to Brigade General Aegir in Morheim Ice Fortress. Get the details about dealing with the Ice Claw Mau from Tofa.
Tofa said the Ice Claw Mau must be pacified. Jorund told you to kill their leader, Guardian Karhel.

You passed the rite to enter the Guardian's Aetheric Field, fought your way to the heart of the Ice Claw Village, and slew him. The Brigade General himself rewarded you.

Full quest's text:
You know about the Mau tribes here, right? No? Well, listen up.

We get along okay with the Silver Manes, but the Ice Claws and the Mist Manes hate us.

The Ice Claws are the strangest ones. They don't worship Balaur or ancestor-gods like normal Mau. They serve the Artifact Protector.
Yes, and they've been getting aggressive lately--raiding our settlements, stealing our get the picture.

We need to push them back, and I think you're the Daeva to do it.

>Aprily knows more about the Ice Claw Mau. She may have an idea about how to put an end to their attacks.
Reaching the Artifact Protector is not a simple task. The area is shrouded in an Aetheric Field.

You should seek out Jorund at the Desert Garrison. He can tell you the best path for entering by foot.

Good luck.
You'll be taking care of the Ice Claw Mau? About sharding time someone got here to deal with it.

I can tell you the way, but there's something you'll need to do first.
Well, we need to deal with their leader, the Artifact Protector. But to get to him, you have to pass through an Aetheric Field.

To get through the Field, you have to perform a special rite.

You must slay the sacred White Brow Tayga.
You'll have to lure it out.

First, go to the Salintus Rise and hunt the Stubborn Abex. Carve some Red Abex Meat from its flank.

Find the Altar of Trial. It is guarded by a great number of Mau, so don't be reckless.

Take this flint, use it to make a fire in the Dead Fire and roast the meat. The White Brow Tayga will be lured in by the smell. Kill it and then seek Landver, who has been dispatched to the area, for your next instructions.
You must not have heard me the first time.

Roast the Red Abex Meat at the Altar of Trial, and kill the White Brow Tayga!
You lost my flint?


Nevermind, just take this one. Don't ask for another one.
Finally! I'm freezing out here.

Everything go as planned?
Good! It was. Now all that remains is disposing of the Artifact Protector.

Deep in the Ice Claw Village is a place surrounded by a translucent Aetheric Field.

Get inside the field and slay Protector Karhel.
Killing the Tayga should have awarded you with an honorary title and status. This status will allow you to use the Statue of Mau Hero. Use it to enter Karhel's Aetheric Field. Then, defeat Protector Karhel.

It will be a hard fight to reach the Aetheric Field. I would seek out allies before venturing into battle.

When you've succeeded, return to the fortress and report back to Centurion Tofa.
You're back.

Well, don't keep me waiting.
Without Protector Karhel, the Ice Claw Mau are completely lost.

This was a matter of interest for the Brigade General as well, so let him know of your success.
I applaud your success. I could use another hundred Daevas like you.

Here, a token of thanks from the Asmodians of Morheim.

Basic Reward
icon 893 476 XP
- Tayga Slayer
Optional Reward
- Morheim Shade Legionary Bandana
- Morheim Shade Legionary Hat
- Morheim Shade Legionary Chain Helm
- Morheim Shade Legionary Helm
Additional info
Quest giverTaera
Recommended level28
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceAsmodian Only
ClassWarrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Technist, Muse, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunslinger, Songweaver, Aethertech

Quest requirements
Not accepted quests:
Hold The Front Line
Not completed quests:
Hold The Front Line

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