ID: 23805
[Weekly] Vanguard Down
icon Quest
Type: Quest
Category: Kaldor
Level: 999
Asmodian Only

Wipe out the Flamecrest Vanguard Unit at the Stonegrave Ruins. (5) Talk with Tortius who appears when the Asmodians capture the Flamecrest Outpost. Wipe out the Flamecrest Vanguard Unit as Tortius requested.
Tortius asked you to wipe out the Flamecrest Vanguard Unit that poses a threat to the base.

When you returned with her request completed successfully, she was very appreciative.

Full quest's text:
The Balaur are becoming quite a nuisance.

Several people have spotted them snooping around the Stonegrave Ruins. We can't afford to ignore anything that could threaten our base there.

Please go and wipe out the Flamecrest Vanguard Unit.
Even if they weren't snooping around the base, the Balaur must be eliminated.

They will get in our way and threaten our mission one way or another.

We really must eliminate every single one of them. How did it go?
I'm relieved that we've eliminated such a large threat.

The Balaur have always weighed heavily on my mind. Not only have you removed a menace, you've also lifted the overall morale of our troops. On behalf of us all, I thank you.

We will do our best to match your efforts and win the next battle.

Basic Reward
icon 3 618 881 XP
- Blood Mark
Additional info
Recommended level999
Repeat count
Quest renewal daysWednesday
Can share
Can cancel
RaceAsmodian Only
ClassWarrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Technist, Muse, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunslinger, Songweaver, Aethertech

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