ID: 21267
Enhancing the Sword
icon Quest
Type: Quest
Category: Gelkmaros
Level: 999
Asmodian Only

Bring Athana's Sword and the Piece of Zikel to Usener. PlayerBring Athana's Sword and the Piece of Zikel to Usener.
Athana told you that special skill was required to bring out greater power in Athana's Sword.

With that in mind, you brought the Sword and the Piece of Zikel to Usener in Pandaemonium. She fused the two together and gave you an empowered Sword.

Full quest's text:
I see you still have the Piece of Zikel. That's not surprising--the odds of you having the skills needed to use it were very slim.

But I didn't give it to you so it would just sit in your Cube looking pretty. I know someone who can fulfill the Piece's purpose. Would you like to know who?
Her name is Usener. Perhaps you met her the last time you were in Pandaemonium?

At any rate, she will definitely be able to enhance Athana's Sword. I wouldn't have given it to you had I not known anyone who could.

But there is one potential complication.
From what I understand, the process is painstaking and expensive. Usener will probably need you to pay a great deal of Kinah.

I believe the results will be well worth the expenditure. Again, I would not have given a reward that would prove useless.

But now that you know all the factors involved, are you still going to go see her?
Good. I expected you would realize that in a war like this, any increase in strength could potentially be the difference between life and death.

Even if it turns out that you need more Kinah, it's wise to at least hear what Usener has to say.

Please give her my regards, and good luck.
Oh! That's Athana's Sword, isn't it? And that...! That's a Piece of Zikel!

Aion must've heard my prayers! Once my comrades hear I've worked with a Piece of Zikel, I'll be the talk of Asmodae!

You don't know what kind of moment this is for me. This is practically the culmination of my entire career!
Are you kidding? Only the most legendary smiths have even seen a Piece of Zikel, much less worked with one!

Still.... I don't know if Athana told you about this, but this process will require a great deal of rare materials.

I need to ask you for 8,000,000 Kinah to pay for them. I know that's a lot, but when you see the results, you'll agree that it was worth it.
Shards! I should've expected that this opportunity wouldn't come easily! To think I have to depend on someone else to...

Sorry, sorry. I shouldn't blame you at all. It's just that it pains me that the Piece of Zikel is so close, yet so far.

Please return when you have everything ready to go in your Cube. Please. You can't imagine what it would mean to me.
Oh, yes! I'm getting started right away! Ya! Ha! Now just a little more elbow grease.... There!

That...was an experience. I can see why the Pieces are so highly famed. I felt like it was guiding my hand the whole way.

I may not have battlefield experience, but I'll tell you this: when you wield this Sword in combat, you'll feel the difference. I promise.

Basic Reward
icon 4 020 773 XP
- Athana's Fate Sword
Additional info
Quest giverUsener
Recommended level999
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceAsmodian Only
ClassWarrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Technist, Muse, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunslinger, Songweaver, Aethertech

Quest requirements
Finished quests:
[Spy/League] Sword's Fate

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