ID: 21130
To Stand Against the Elyos
icon Quest
Type: Quest
Category: Gelkmaros
Level: 999
Asmodian Only

Send power to Enraged Mastarius by using the Blessing of Devotion on Mastarius's Aether Concentrator (10). Report the result to Athana. When Marchutan's exarch, Mastarius, is attacked, send power to him by channeling the Blessing of Devotion into Mastarius's Aether Concentrator.
Athana asked you to support Mastarius, Marchutan's exarch, in the battle for Gelkmaros.

Following her instructions, you channeled your power into Mastarius's Aether Concentrator using the Blessing of Devotion. You returned to Athana with Gelkmaros saved, and she rewarded your efforts.

Full quest's text:
Shards! How could we let this happen!

Both the Vorgaltem Citadel and the Crimson Temple have fallen to our enemies!

But we still have one last trick up our sleeve. Lord Marchutan's own exarch, Enraged Mastarius, has just arrived and will unleash the wrath of the Shedim Lords...but we need to buy him some time.
Enraged Mastarius is slaughtering our enemies as we speak, but he needs the support of Daevas.

We need to bless Mastarius's Aether Concentrator and increase the exarch's powers. It's tempting to fight at his side, but the exarch wields the might of the Empyrean Lords--we're better off standing back and supporting him.

This has to happen soon, or the exarch won't have enough power to overthrow our enemies! Get to Gelkmaros Defense Base now!
Find Cenvezo and purchase Blessing of Devotion before heading to the Gelkmaros Defense Base.

When Enraged Mastarius is under attack from our enemies, channel the Blessing of Devotion into Mastarius's Aether Concentrator. With 100 blessings, the exarch will summon the Empyrean Avatar and lay waste to these encroaching mongrels.

Channel the Blessing of Devotion at least 10 times, and we will purge Gelkmaros of our enemies in the name of Lord Marchutan! Go now! There's no time to waste!
Glory for Asmodae!

I still don't know how we lost the Vorgaltem Citadel and the Crimson Temple, but it's good to know that we have Daevas like you to prevent us from losing Gelkmaros altogether.

I shudder to think what would have happened if you weren't supporting Mastarius. Here, take this--you've earned it and more.

Basic Reward
icon 2 264 100 XP
- Apostle of Justice
Optional Reward
- Athana's Dagger
- Athana's Sword
- Athana's Bow
Additional info
Recommended level999
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceAsmodian Only
ClassScout, Ranger

This quest opens access to following quests:
[Spy/League] Bow's Fate
[Spy/League] Dagger's Fate
[Spy/League] Sword's Fate

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