ID: 2092
Graves of the Red Sky Legion
icon Quest
Type: Campaign
Category: Brusthonin
Level: 999
Asmodian Only

Talk with Surt. Investigate the Dug-up Grave in The Legend Shrine. Talk with Theia, a ghost wandering near the tomb. Talk with Seznec. Take Remedy Ingredients to Seznec. PlayerCall the spirits of the Red Sky Legion members resting in The Legend Shrine, and talk with the ghosts. Get rid of Undead Grunts (15). Report the results of your investigation to Surt. Surt asked you to investigate the desecration of a tomb at the memorial to the Red Sky Legion. Report to Surt.
Surt told you that one of the tombs of the Red Sky Legion--protected Brusthonin from Balaur--had been desecrated.

When you went to investigate, you found a broken sarcophagus and no sign of its occupant, Villaire.

After consulting Theia the wandering ghost, you met Seznec, an old man with knowledge of spirits. He made a potion to call forth the spirits of the other members of Red Sky Legion. Unfortunately, none of them had useful information.

Full quest's text:
The Red Sky Legion protected the fertile land of Brusthonin before the Cataclysm. Led by Brigade General Virkel, they fought back wave after wave of Balaur.

The enemy understood the importance of Brusthonin's crops to our people. Losing them could cause famine, sickness, and death. Lady Triniel ordered Virkel to protect the land at all costs.

Virkel finally drove the Balaur out, but the nine legionaries perished. The Legend Shrine in Baltasar Cemetery is their tomb.
It is. Beautiful red flowers pay tribute to each warrior. One of the tombs is desecrated, however. Such disrespect must be swiftly and decisively punished.

I need you to investigate this, Player. Assigning you to this task will make it clear to everyone how seriously I take it. Head northeast from the village and you'll see Baltasar Cemetery where the Dug-up Grave is.

Speak to the spirit Theia and find out what she knows.
(This stone sarcophagus has been smashed to pieces. The cover stone is missing and the headstone cast askew. The tomb itself is empty.)
You must be a stalwart soul to stand here so brazenly. The living do not often linger before me, much less dare to speak.

Usually...they run.

Surely you have not come simply to gawk. Tell me, what is it you wish to know?
Ah, the tomb of Villaire.

The tomb has been like that for quite a long time, though I'm not surprised no one noticed. As I said, few have the nerve to venture here.

I don't recall how it happened. My mind is clouded by the mire of years spent in this twilight state. Perhaps if you call on the occupants of the other tombs....
Such things are beyond me.

Perhaps the shaman Seznec can assist you. He has a penchant for dealing with the dead.
What do you want?! You think I live in a cemetery because I want visitors?! Go away!

Wait, wait! What did you say? Raise the spirits of the Red Sky Legion?

Oh, well, perhaps I was too hasty. That sounds like an interesting challenge. It won't be easy to bring forth spirits that old but...there is a way....
It's not a recipe for stew! I'm willing to help you because those tombs have always interested me, but I'll need some special items.

First, collect Golden Poison from the Colorful Arachnas that live around here. Then, I need some Rasks and Major Elemental Stones.

Rasks are commonly found around The Eastweald and the Nahor Lake. Major Elemental Stones are found inside various creatures.
Well, did you get the items I listed?

I can help you if I have Golden Poison, Rask, and Major Elemental Stone.
Excellent. This is everything I need. Wait one moment while I infuse this concoction with the proper ritual....

Here! It's ready. Scatter this around the tomb, and its powerful magic will draw forth the ghost of the tomb's occupant.
But why...what has become of my blessed land?

I thought it would be peaceful without Beritra.

Why did you call me from my peaceful rest to this horror?
That is the tomb of Villaire. I felt him fade away shortly after we were entombed here.

Though I could not answer your question, I must entrust you with a duty.

I feel Balaur nearby...I believe some Balaur became undead and still wander Brusthonin. Remove them in memory of the Red Sky Legion.
Why have I been drawn from the flow of Aether?

You'd better have good reason to disturb the peace of one who has given so much as I.

What do you need to know so badly?
That is the stone coffin of Villaire. Villaire faded from our presence long ago. We all felt it.

I don't know what happened. In case it's not clear to you, I'm dead.

... And you may soon join me. The Balaur approach!
I'm alive again! No...wait, this isn't life.... What happened?

Oh, this is my tomb. It's nice. I like the red Laize flowers. They're beautiful.

Do you need to know about something?
Oh, that was once Villaire's tomb, but he no longer rests there. I don't know why, but it was some time ago.

Perhaps he has gone to fight the Balaur? I can feel their wretched presence even now.

Please, destroy them? My rest can never be truly peaceful when the land I gave my life to defend is infested with Balaur.
Even when I'm dead I can't get any peace!

What do I have to do to get some rest? I died! Isn't that enough?!

What do you have to know about so badly that you'd wake the dead?
That is the tomb of Villaire, but he's been absent for a long time. Right after we were entombed, I felt him pulled away from us. I don't know why.

If you're done disturbing me, perhaps you could remove the undead horrors that I sense here now. Balaur? How can it be? I back to you?

This is Brusthonin...but it's quite different from what I remember.

Why am I here again?
That? Why any fool who can read knows it is the tomb of Villaire. It says so right on it!

Someone desecrated it long ago--who, I can't say.

Are those Balaur I feel nearby? Why? Why have you let them come here, so near my resting place?! Get rid of them.!
You've raised my spirit from the flow of Aether.

A moment in this world again is welcome. I see much time has passed.

What wisdom can I impart to you?
Ah, Villaire? It's been like that for a long time.

Be careful on your journey from this place. I sense the Balaur wander nearby.
Did you wake me up?

You did! Why have you done this?

What question could drive you to it?
That is the tomb of Villaire. It was destroyed long ago.

I haven't felt his presence for a long time--probably since right after we were buried. I don't know why.

But there is a presence nearby...Balaur! Beware!
Oh my...I haven't been out like this since my brave and heroic death in a glorious battle that saved all of Brusthonin from being overrun by Balaur.

That was a wonderful day. Though I died, I had the satisfaction of knowing that I had protected my beloved Brusthonin from the vile Balaur. I could rest easy, knowing that it was in safe hands, and would always be a beautiful land of bounty and comfort.

By the way, why did you call me?

I don't know why, but he disappeared right after the tomb was created.

Could you, ah, tell me where we are? This place is wretched. Which way is it back to Brusthonin? And why are the Balaur approaching?
So the sarcophagus has been that way since shortly after the bodies were entombed? Well, if the ghosts say they ceased to feel his presence, then Villaire's body must have been moved at the same time.

There doesn't seem to be anything we can do about it.

Anyway, thank you for your trouble. I'll send someone out to repair the sarcophagus. At least the memorial won't appear to be defiled.

Basic Reward
icon 9 609 329 XP
Optional Reward
- Surt's Gloves
- Surt's Vambrace
- Surt's Handguards
- Surt's Gauntlets
Additional info
Recommended level46
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceAsmodian Only
ClassWarrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Technist, Muse, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunslinger, Songweaver

This quest opens access to following quests:
The Secret Passage
Unforgivable Balaur

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