ID: 2091
Meet the Reapers
icon Quest
Type: Campaign
Category: Brusthonin
Level: 999
Asmodian Only

Meet Surt, the Captain of the Reaper Squad. Meet Surt, the Captain of the Reaper Squad in Brusthonin, and learn about the situation there.
Surt, the Captain of the Reaper Squad in Brusthonin, asked for your help in completing some important tasks.

Full quest's text:
Noble perhaps, but sometimes overwhelming. We have so much to do, but lack for strong backs and skilled hands.

Look at me--I'm supposed to be retired already, but here I am. That's why I'm so glad to see you. Someone with your skills, who others look up to...perhaps more will follow your example.

If you're ready to get to work, I'll tell you more about the Red Sky Legion who protected Brusthonin before the Cataclysm, and Old Nahor Castle on Nahor Lake.

Basic Reward
icon 8 448 540 XP
Additional info
Recommended level45
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceAsmodian Only
ClassWarrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Technist, Muse, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunslinger, Songweaver

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