ID: 1073
Saving Elyos Captives
icon Quest
Type: Campaign
Category: Reshanta
Level: 999
Elyos Only

Talk with Sakmis. Talk with Nereus. Talk with Dactyl. Locate the Captured Elyos Prisoner. Escort Captured Elyos Prisoners to the Magic Ward. Report back to Nereus. Order: Elyos soldiers are being held captive on the Isle of Disgrace in the Sulfur Archipelago. See Sakmis to get more information, then go rescue them.
Sakmis said the Elyos have seen many triumphs in Reshanta, but some soldiers have been captured by your enemies.

Nereus told you that a rescue squad was sent to save those prisoners, but it failed. He dispatched you to the Sulfur Archipelago to obtain more information from Dactyl.

Using Dactyl's instructions, you made your way inside and rescued the captives. You escorted them to a magic ward and the rescue squad appeared to take the captives safely to the Teminon Fortress.

Full quest's text:
Always in war there is misery and suffering. Victory may come eventually, but the price is always high, even for the victor.

But it's true that great victory can only be attained through great sacrifice--the wounded and prisoners of war, for example.
Indeed. There are Elyos in Reshanta who are being held captive by our foes.

I don't want to imagine the hardships they're facing right now at the hands of the Asmodians or the Balaur.

I'm giving you the task of rescuing them, Player. Speak to Centurion Nereus to get the details. Your fellows are counting on you!

The Brigade General has faith in your abilities, Player.

But even for a talented Daeva like yourself, this mission won't be easy.

We do have a rescue squad, but they've not had any significant success yet.
The captives are being held on the Isle of Disgrace, one of the islands of the Sulfur Archipelago. As you'd expect, they're under heavy guard.

We do have someone closer to the scene. Rendezvous with Dactyl on the Isle of Roots in the Sulfur Archipelago. He should have more detailed information on the Elyos captives.

Take whatever intelligence he can offer, and rescue those prisoners!
What brings you to the Isle of Roots?

Are you here to study the creatures of this place? Sulfur Oculazens, or perhaps Volcanic Hoverstones?
I see. I wondered how long it would take them to find a Daeva capable of this.

As you may have heard, the Captured Elyos Prisoners are imprisoned on the Isle of Disgrace, in the southeast part of the Sulfur Archipelago. It's well patrolled.

I don't know which side is currently holding the Sulfur Fortress. If our Legions have captured the fortress, then the captives will have been freed. But if the Asmodians or the Balaur are in control, you'll need to go ahead with your mission.
You've come to rescue us! Lords be praised!

We attempted to escape on our own, but they kept bringing us back.
Thanks to you, Player.

I know a fast way out of the Sulfur Archipelago, too.

Above us, there's a magic ward of transport. We should be able to escape safely once we get there.
Good job, Player.

Thanks to you, a heavy weight has been lifted from my heart.

I'm sure they will always feel grateful to you as well.

Basic Reward
icon 404 426 XP
icon x 1 000
- Greater Raging Wind Scroll
- Bronze Coin Chest
- Petra Medal
Additional info
Recommended level27
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceElyos Only
ClassWarrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Technist, Muse, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunslinger, Songweaver

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