ID: 1059
The Archon of Storms
icon Quest
Type: Campaign
Category: Heiron
Level: 999
Elyos Only

Talk with Sulates. Talk with Anto. Destroy Cursed Obelisk (1). Talk with Anto. Talk with Maximus. Burn incense at Patema Geyser for Myanee. Report the result to Sulates. Sulates has a favor to ask you. Go and see him.
Sulates told you that Anto, the Soul Healer of Jeiaparan Village, had asked for his help regarding an Archon named Bollvig preying upon the people of Heiron.

Anto told you that Daevas who went to kill Bollvig never returned, thanks to a horrific weapon called the Cursed Obelisk. He asked you to destroy the Obelisk. You went to The Storm Circle and destroyed the Obelisk. You became undead momentarily, but shifted back into your Daeva form, fighting the terrible magic that sought to bind you.

When you reported your success to Anto, he told you of Bollvig's Human lover, Myanee, and her terrible fate. He asked you to burn incense for Myanee on his behalf. After receiving the incense from Maximus, you burned the incense at Patema Geyser. Myanee's soul appeared and begged you to forgive Bollvig and convince him to return to Asmodae, but you could not accept her request.

After her spirit vanished, you went back to Sulates and reported what had happened. He praised your actions, and said that he too would keep Myanee in his prayers.

Full quest's text:
Faith and arms, Player. Aion has led you here. Do you know about Bollvig? He was an Asmodian Archon. He's responsible for the deaths of countless Humans and Daevas over many years.

You're surprised? Yes, I can see why you would be. His power has made him too much trouble to deal with until now.

Many have tried to kill him, but thus far no one has succeeded. He makes his home on the upper side of Jeiaparan Village along with a horde of undead minions, terrifying all of Heiron.
It's a mystery. Scores of Guardians and Daevas have gone to the Storm Circle over the years to finish him. None have returned. They haven't even resurrected at the Obelisk.

We suspect the fallen heroes are joining Bollvig's Undead army. Certainly our information indicates that his numbers continue to grow. If we don't find a way to stop him, Heiron may well fall to him.

The Brigade General stopped sending Daevas to challenge Bollvig, because the losses were simply too great. This means, however, that the problem continues unchecked.
Anto, the Soul Healer of Jeiaparan Village, asked me to send someone to look into it, yes. Even if the Brigade General is willing to let it go, Anto deals with Heiron's pain first hand. He cannot sit by and let such evil go without opposition.

Are you willing to lend your services, Player? You would be doing a great service to Elysea.
Arieluma, [%userclass]. Are you the Daeva Sulates sent? I've been waiting for you.

The people here are terrified, and the Brigade General refuses to send any more Daevas, since none ever return. I understand his reluctance, but it doesn't change the fact that people keep disappearing.

Since direct force has failed, I've been trying to take a different approach to the problem. The Daevas who have gone to kill Bollvig have been soulbound to the Obelisk here, but none of them have come back. If they died, they should have returned here.

I can't shake the feeling that this has something to do with the secret of Bollvig's power. I sent a message to Jinus, my former master in Sanctum, to see if he had any ideas. He thinks he's found the answer.

Records from the Millennium War mention a weapon with the power to resurrect enemies at the Obelisk the user designates, rather than where they're soulbound. Jinus believes that Bollvig may have this weapon in his possession.
And that's not all. Unless I miss my guess, Bollvig's Obelisk has an additional power--turning Daevas undead. I could be wrong, but his minions have continued to multiply as more Daevas were sent to deal with him. If he's not stopped, he could destroy all of Heiron.

I'm hesitant to ask you, Player, but Aion would not have sent you if you were not the one for this task. We must send someone to The Storm Circle to get rid of the Cursed Obelisk. Are you willing to help? look...different. Were to find and destroy the Cursed Obelisk?
That's...incredible. Truly? You turned undead and then... returned? Aion clearly favors you, Player!

Thank you so much for destroying the Obelisk! You can't know how much this means to the people of Heiron.

You know, I found myself wondering about how Bollvig came here in the first place...what would lure an Asmodian to take up residence on Elysea, anyway? It was a beautiful Elyos woman named Myanee. Bollvig came through a rift and saw her. They fell in love at first sight.
Indeed. Apparently the plan was for them to live here in Elysea, hiding from those who would not understand. A Human saw them, however, and reported it. The soldiers attacked despite the lovers' pleas, and Myanee was killed.

Bollvig escaped, but his rage knew no bounds. His pain and anger over the death of his love kept him from returning to Asmodae. Instead he apparently became determined to revenge himself upon Heiron and upon Elysea.
It is, yes. And in our anger and fear, Myanee was blamed for bringing Bollvig to Heiron. She was never given a proper funeral. Even her family was forced to live in shame, tainted by association with a traitor.

I know it's probably silly of me, but I'm touched by her story. Her soul has undoubtedly passed on to the flow of Aether, but I can't stop thinking about her. Would you be willing to burn some incense for me in her name?

Maximus will know what scent she favored--you can get the incense from him. He might also be able to suggest a good spot. My duties won't let me attend to it myself, but I would be most grateful.
Arieluma, friend. What business do you have with me?
Ah, Anto sent you. He always said that he wanted to burn incense for Myanee....Let's see, I have her favorite here somewhere.

This is it. Now, if I were to suggest a place, it would be Patema Geyser. It's said she and Bollvig used to meet there secretly.

It's right outside the village. You can't miss it. I'm sure that wherever she is now, Myanee will be thankful for the remembrance.
The Cursed Obelisk? What a terrible weapon. It's a blessing such a dreadful thing was destroyed.

And what was the Human woman's name? Myanee? What a terrible fate she met. I will remember her in my prayers as well.

Well done, Player. Your deeds do not go unnoticed.

Basic Reward
icon 5 552 491 XP
- Sulates' Belt
Additional info
Quest giverAnto
Recommended level41
Repeat count1
Can share
Can cancel
RaceElyos Only
ClassWarrior, Scout, Mage, Priest, Technist, Muse, Gladiator, Templar, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter, Cleric, Gunslinger, Songweaver

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