Beast and Bug The Terrible Trio A Tempest Toward Tranquility Big Game Hunt Sapiens, Subdued Klaw Katastrophe [Group] Meeting Adjourned [Group] Obstacle Course [Group] Making A List [Alliance] High Marks Peace, Blood, and Understanding Symbol for a Seal [Alliance] It's a Hit [Daily] Target Removal Crew [Weekly] Remove Shadow Target 2 [Weekly] Looking for an Opening [Weekly/Group] Remove Shadow Target 3 [Weekly/Group] A Peacekeeper's Life [Weekly/Alliance] For Sarpan! [Alliance] The Empress Must Die Assassinate Ashunatal [Group] Remove Raksha [Group] Vanquish Vasharti [Alliance] Zap Zadra Spellweaver [Alliance] Terminate Tuali [Alliance] Murder Muada Hi, Priestess Kahrun's People Rumors Solomon's City Friends, Indeed All in the Family The Wide World Opens Roving Refugees Plants Vs. Daevas An Environmental Disaster Meat Market [Group] Bait and Squish Riletian Trail The Great Drana Search Rot and Roll Garldar in Danger Finding Ayos Rei-napped! Rei-scued! Uniformly Stolen A Daeva in Shulack's Clothing [Group] From Assassinate to Zookin Did You Get Them All? Go Meat! But I Didn't Bite the Refugee Map Quest Bird Bloodbath [Group] Big Bad Birds Doing In Dionaes Sheluk Shellacking Redrawing the Map [Group] Battle of the Bands Nojolf Issue Red in Truth and Claw Hornskull Hunt Medal Exchange Kamar's Best Water Feature [Alliance] The Zorshiv Dredgion Looms A Bird's-Eye View Precious Resources If It Looks Too Easy Playing with Marbles Break it Once, Shame on You Play Nice with Your Toys [Group] Break it Twice, Shame on Me Spell, Interrupted Valley of the Thundering Hooves Camouflaged Arachnas Costly Phobia At One with Nature Spirits of the Forest A Simple Backpack A Daughter's Vengeance The Timebender The Nightshade Clan [Group] Killer Instinct A Life Lived Getting a Bad Hand [Group] Difficult Subjects Fragments of History [Group] Love During Wartime Different As Day and Night Map Mania Fragments of the Past Wild Puca Chase Vicarious Vengeance Remembrance Safest Scout Mission Never Gonna Find It Collection Day Not A Doctor, But A Fissure Healer [Group] Basic Restoration It's Mappy! Avian Raiders The Spiritguide Reian Sutton and the Siel's Grail Crystal Death Sick Leave Bounty in Satrakand Bigger and Better Bounty Blow-Up Stock in Trade Meat is Murder Stock Soup Served Too Late Hands Across Balaurea For the Natural Order Defeating the Defenders Fodder for the Grinder The Red Stallion The Yearlings National Egglet The Egg Whisperer Bring On the Hungry Pagatis The Seal Supply Wagon is a-Comin' Vegetable Vengeance Misfortune's Fist Dance with the Undead For Want of a Nail I've Found A Reason Cooking With Dratamin [Daily] Scale Mail Infiltrator's Ruin Shinady-gans Showdown with Ushaba Pashanda's Peril Conquering the Ruins Bombing Area Run Evanat Extinguished Roshikim's Rampage Satrakand Skirmish Tukanda's Downfall Ending the Invasion Steps to the Spear A Tribute for All Seasons Spear Statues Dew Patience The Koligran Brohum Brouhaha Soul Crusher The Balaur Massacre Reian Matter Fall of the Vasharti Turncoat Justice