Dagger's Potential Releasing the Dagger's Potential Mace's Potential Releasing the Mace's Potential [Coin/Group] Chakra Choking Pistol's Potential Releasing the Pistol's Potential Aethercannon's Potential Releasing the Aethercannon's Potential Harp's Potential Releasing the Harp's Potential Damaged Weapone Restoring Weapons [Daily] Snuff the Sunsuckers Important Relics Poison Problem Flesh to Stone Stone to Flesh Nep's Love Vili's Mind Jotun Junket Hexway Hideout [Group] Better Our Hands Than Yours Supplies Party Suspicious Ceremony [Group] Halt the Ceremony! Pilomenes' Advice A Monument Rubbed [Group] Dragonbound Diaries Soul Invocation Ceremony [Group] The Truth Hurts The Ancient Document Written in Blood [Group] The Rod and the Orb The Orb and the Rod [Group] Magical Essence Decree of Valor To Help a Hushblade Stigma Dogma [Group] Stigmas & Scars [Group] Aeshma's Vengeance [Group] Mine Vengeance [Group] For Honor, For Stormwing [Group] The Spirit Sleepeth [Group] A Guard's Curse [Group] The Plaguebearer [Group] Grave Robber's Lament [Group] Lupukin's Request Priest Kailaus's New Nightmare [Group] To Liberate Souls Teressa's Request The Tricky Spirit The Elusive Spirit Eluding Success [Group] Fire Down Below An Old Flame [Group] The Captain's Curse [Group] New Sword [Group] New Greatsword [Group] New Polearm [Group] New Staff [Group] New Spellbook [Group] New Orb [Group] New Bow [Group] New Dagger [Group] New Mace [Group] Cleansing the Temple [Coin/Group] Nightshades' Last Days Your Oath to Outremus [Group] New Pistol [Group] New Aethercannon [Group] New Harp [Group] A New Weapon The Road to Reshanta To the Abyssal Splinter [Alliance] Fifth Column? [Alliance] What's Down There? [Alliance] The Last Crusade [Alliance] Leize-y Shoes [Alliance] Leize-ing Gloves Away [Alliance] Leize-y Shrug [Alliance] Leize's Legs [Alliance] Rosarea's Heart Weird Fragment [Alliance] Fragment Removal [Alliance] Daevas Fear To Tread A Necklace with History A Polearm Walks into a Bar [Alliance] Watch the Watcher Die [Alliance] Fragmenting Fragments To the Unstable Abyssal Splinter [Alliance] Along Came the Spider [Alliance] Unstable Light and Dark [Alliance] Terminate Yamennes [Alliance] Fragment Destruction [Alliance] Fragment Fury [Alliance] Kill Unstable Watchers [Alliance] Artisan's Experiment Tracking Supplies Mysterious Motives [Group] The Fall of Isbariya Herka's Advice Aye, That's the Rubbing [Group] Library Legends Soul Summoning [Group] Summon Respondent Utra A Difficult Restoration Rank and Bile [Group] A Quartz Is a Quartz Rooting for Power [Group] Opening the Prison Servant of Gelkmaros Benefactor of Gelkmaros Stigma of the Dragonbound [Group] Spirits and Stigma Slots [Group] Aeshma's Retaliation [Group] Eliminate Manadar [Group] Smiting for Bhemah [Group] Complete the Last Mission [Group] Vanquishing Ahbana [Group] Avoid like the Plaguebearer [Group] Dorakiki's Demise [Group] Do It for the Little Shulacks Dream a Little Dream [Group] Mired Souls Watery Wish Earthly Eagerness Windy Wanting Fiery Focus [Group] Freeing the Flames The Key to Freedom [Group] Liberate Taros's Soul [Group] Improved Sword [Group] Improved Greatsword [Group] Improved Polearm [Group] Improved Staff [Group] Improved Spellbook [Group] Improved Orb [Group] Improved Bow [Group] Improved Dagger [Group] Improved Mace [Group] Punish Beshmundir Balaur [Coin/Group] Hunting Nightshades A Solemn Promise [Group] Improved Pistol [Group] Improved Aethercannon [Group] Improved Harp [Group] A Better Weapon Visiting Vare