The Enchanted Greatsword [Group] Eye of the Polearm The Enchanted Polearm [Group] Eye of the Staff The Enchanted Staff [Group] Eye of the Bow The Enchanted Bow [Group] A Bloody Upgrade An Oomph [Group] A Weapon's Potential An Extra Boost [Group] Draw Out the Power Proove the Power [Group] Potential of Weapon A True Potential [Housing] The Living Is Easy [Housing] Heart of Rock [Housing] And A Home for Every Daeva Design Star My House For An Update Going Thrifting No Accounting for Taste Blessed Be Thy Hame Foolproof Packaging Daeva on the Ride Taltaros' Proxy The Real Thing Pink Is the Color Exquisite Shugo Reproduction Sprigg Up The House A Spirerinerk Original And the Leaves That Are Green Gauon's Fiery Flowers [Daily] Extract One, Pearl Two [Daily] It Came From The Sky [Daily] Gardener's Delight [Daily] Almost Forgot My Blessings Decorative Letters Wall Letters Hanging Letters Painted Letters [Daily] Today's Find [Housing] Unlock The Future [Housing] User Friendly? [Housing] Furnishing The Emptiness [Housing] Moving In [Housing] Nothing Wrong With Free [Housing] Imagining A Quiet Life [Daily] Leafy Cutting [Daily] Compost Pick-Up [Daily] Stem Cutting [Daily] Compost Program [Daily] Eye Cutting [Daily] Bridgeside Compost Making Miris Outmoded Leaves of Four Seasons Leaves of Four Seasons Leaves of Four Seasons Homeowners Anonymous [Daily] Fertile Deal Oriel is Calling Free Gift Just For Visiting! Housewarming [Weekly] How to Garden Aggressively [Relic Bundle Reward] Ancient Goblet [Relic Bundle Reward] Ancient Crown [Group] Treasure Trove [Group] Punishing the Punisher [Group] Punisher's Posture [Group] Gates of Satra [Daily/Group] According To His Ability The Sauro Supply Base [Group] Killing Spree [Group] Slay Sheba, Blind Beritra [Group] What Sheba Hath Wrought [Group] Hunks of Junk [Group] Sauro: The Final Assault [Group] For the Folks Back Home Don't Wait, Infiltrate [Group] Eliminate the Durga Dredgion Captain [Group] Obtaining the Durga Supplies [Group] All-out Dredgion Attack [Group] Into the Dome [Group] Destroying the Destroyer [Expert] Essencetapper's Test [Expert] Essencetapping Expert [Expert] Aethertapper's Test [Expert] Aethertapping Expert Perikles's Insight Temporary Temporary Temporary [Master] Weaponsmith's Potential [Master] Weaponsmithing Master Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary [Master] Armorsmith's Potential [Master] Armorsmithing Master Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary [Master] Tailor's Potential [Master] Tailoring Master Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary [Master] Handicrafter's Potential [Master] Handicrafting Master Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary [Master] Alchemist's Potential [Master] Alchemy Master Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary [Master] Cook's Potential [Master] Cooking Master Leah's Loneliness The Delivery The Shugo and the Shulack [Daily] The Sanctum Shulackwalk Pampered Pets The Pleasure of Pets Just Between Me and Fasimedes Andreas' Teachings [Craft] Clamping Down [Expert] Construction Expert Daevas of the Round Table [Expert] Constructor's Test [Expert] Expert of Construction [Expert] Passion for Construction [Expert] Requirements for Construction Expert [Expert] Construction Expert [Master] New Level of Construction [Master] New Title of Construction Its Rightful Owner Class Advancement Class Advancement Class Advancement Class Advancement Templar of Construction Insignia Evidence