Deep Blue Something The Nose Always Knows Loras' Little Acre They Eat Anything Attacking the Wind Facing the Frillnecks Try Hitting It Unsafe Haven Prepare the Red Carpet It Looked Like a Plant Do You Hear What I Hear? It's a Metaphor, Silly Many Balaur Died for This Information Cleaning Up Their Messes Bulbus Bulbs of Bulbiness Worth Publishing A Miserable Companion Rava Recovery Does This Look Inanimate To You? The Great Fruit Robbery Meating the Quota Shugos Bearing Gifts Trade Secrets A Gentle Remembrance Lifeline Preserver That Which Endures Divergent Devolution Twilight of the Skurvs Stop the Madness! An Inconvenient Truth Hot Lunch Delivery Tasty Lunch Delivery Perinrinerk's Quota Daeva's Trash is Shugo's Treasure Playing Both Sides Breathing Down Shugo's Fur I Haven't Seen Any Log Book Fit for Worms Ew... Icky! Rest in Peace Science Isn't Pretty Mad Science Run Amok! Seeds of Contamination A Simple Plan A Dangerous Expedition Publish or Perish Your Permanent Record [Group] Danuar Ghost Stories Enemies Abound Have Arms, Will Travel The Blues For Fast Pain Relief, Try Kalgolem The Novun Connection Forgotten Knowledge Chasing Rumors [Coin] Get Your Own Supplies [Coin] Arachna Attack [Coin] Keeping Hope Alive [Coin] Scum Splatter [Coin] Encouraging Exploration Sneaking! The Way Out Lesson of the Third Porgus [Weekly] Preemptions Unwanted Visitors The Lucky Necklace Saving the Scouts Shopping With the Enemy [Weekly] Hold the Line Rumors of the Fungie Queen Wood You Kindly Silence is Golden [Weekly] Foothold of Light [Weekly] Not Your Foothold Now Securing the Drinking Water Home Away from Home Improvements Home Away From Home Cooking For Better Wartime Vision [Weekly] Protect Our Protectors [Weekly] Defend Our Defenders Maybe Seraphim Get a Special Rate? Memory, All Alone in the Baku Lessons from Past Campaigns The Karnif Sleeps Tonight [Weekly] Creepers at the Gates [Weekly] A Probing Task Spooky is as Spooky Does Protoplasmic Comrades Useful for Something What's Six Sided and Kills Dredgions? [Weekly] Keeping the Keep from Foes [Weekly] Keeping the Keep from Fiends An Unpleasant Odor A Tree Grows in Katalam [Weekly] Redoubt Referendum [Weekly] Redoubt Remainders [Group] Reduction in Force [Group] Notoriety [Weekly] Keeping What Is Ours [Weekly] Bury the Balaur Must be a Collectible Docile Dangers [Weekly] Enemy to the Right [Weekly] Enemy to the Left [Urgent Order] Anastasia's Request [Urgent Order] Berden's Request [Urgent Order] Asmodian Infiltrators [Urgent Order] Diena's Request [Urgent Order] Egnatia's Request [Urgent Order] Fabiana's Request [Urgent Order] Ginos's Request [Urgent Order] Herminia's Request [Urgent Order] Iole's Request Cebes' Tempting Proposal Objective Based Base Objectives Glory for All [Coin] Settle the Road [Coin] Hostile Takeover Katalam Raiding the Raiders Shugo Support When You Comng Back, Daeva? A Ridiculous Task The Pantager Prodigal Forgotten Byway Blues The Circle of Kinah Kaberinrinerk's Cloak Shugos Must Hear a Coin a Mile Away Can I Have Indiananerk's Autograph? Where Beritra's Bane Doth Rule Drakes On A Plain Silencing The Past A Representative Sampling Meet the Ophidan No Altar For You The Shugo Connection Death of a Cultsman Every One an Ide Balloon Onward to the Onslaught When Ide Goes Bad Getting to the Bottom of It What Color Was It Again? Kill All the Evidence Follow the Blue Ide Road [Group] The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend What? Betrayal? Komad Onslaught Assist the Onslaught Paranoid Onslaught