Snow Blessing A Promise to a Customer The Manduri Imperative Shameless Peperinrinerk For the Black Cloud Traders Hairpin Ahoy! The Pirates' Log The Puzzling Blueprint [Group] Steel Rake Spy [Group] Rescue Haorunerk! [Group] Against the Steel Rake [Group] The Missing Cube Craftsman [Group] Revenge of Himusus [Group] The Pirates' Pouch [Group] Bring Back the Booty [Group] Plunder the Pirates [Group] Imprisoned Guardian [Group] The Difficulties of Beauty Key Item Hidden Quest 01 (Elyos) Key Item Hidden Quest 02 (Elyos) Suspicious Shugo Mysterious Water Source [Group] Ring Around the Citadel [Group] Concerning a Necklace [Group] Your Neck is on the Line [Group] Important Targets [Group] A Message in Blood [Group] The Hand of Justice [Group] Marana's Worry [Group] Bumpy Ride [Group] Whomping Whirlwinds Reel Time Eco-Shock Mystic Manduri Tuning Horn The Power of Stew Pilgrims' Progress An Order for Gojirunerk An Ambitious Merchant Sounds in the Night Sculpting a Vision Thieving Lepharists Terrors in the Night A Scout's Request The Shugo Menace [Coin/Group] Kromede in the Temple Flower Stompers Dinner's on Me Speedy Delivery Changing Career Paths The Need for Sleep Fine Feathered Foes Dirt Dyed Whites This Stew's for You Amberous Beauty Carved Creations [Manastone Bundle] Blaming Shugos [Manastone Bundle] Filling Orders Preparing for the Destruction of the Lepharist Bastion [Group] Nereus Needs You! [Group] Trial of Transcendence Forest of the Living Dead Logs to Burn Crystal Clear Lepharists A Feast for All Substantially Ethereal Teeth for Tasty Kinah Stenon's Delicate Flower Ettin Embezzlers Lepharists Everywhere Knight in Shining Basilisk Agrints by Chance Eternal Stench Green Grows on Trees Gnarly Violeteye Sylphen Thorned Moonflower Rustscale Crynac Blackfog Bloodfang Vicarious Viciousness The Spirits of Stenon Bay Desolate Nolantis Ruins Coast Ghost For Rexius Cursed Argonauts The Love Token [Coin/Group] Esras in the Laboratory [Coin/Group] Icaronix in the Fortress [Coin/Group] Brigadier Indratu [Coin/Group] Commander Bakarma [Coin/Group] Deep Six RM-78c [Alliance] Into Eternity Teacher's Pet Wild Dagger Hunt Medicinal Tails Swamp Monster For a More Soothing Sword Mushroom Hunting Arachna Annihilation Zombie Stinkers Adopt a Villager Reusable Bags [Manastone Bundle] Gotta Quota? [Manastone Bundle] Redemption Enemy Harassing the Elim Results of Horrible Research Teach Them a Lesson [Group] General Destruction [Group] Cut Off the Head of the Class [Group] Weapons Inspection [Group] Door Into Darkness [Group] I Need Materials! [Group] To Kill a Captain [Group] Dredgion Prison Break [Group] Heart of the Dredgion [Group] Inspection Concluded [Group] Steal the Surkanate [Group] Destroy Surkana [Group] Key to Chaos [Group] Dredging the Dredgion [Group] Disarm the Chantra Dredgion [Group] My New Toy [Group] Obtain the Balaur Supplies [Group] Dredgion Blues [Group] My Lucky Number New Nochsana Orders [Group] General Mania [Group] Instruction Destruction [Group] Pilfering Prototypes Esoteric Book of Justice Esoteric Book of Freedom Esoteric Book of Illusion Esoteric Book of Life [Group] To Catch a Dragon [Group] Destruction and Rebirth [Group] Fire and Ice [Group] To Master the Dragon Guide of Life Meaning of Life Teachings of Life Intention of Lady Yustiel A Secret Summons The Balaur Report [Group] Obtaining the Dragel [Group] The Danger of Drana Mutual Benefits [Group] Gathering the Surkana [Group] Obtaining the Drazma [Group] The Secret of Surkana