Ripened Frightcorn Picking off Frightcorn Manir's Uncle Manir's Message A Mythical Monster Lamir's New Clothes No-Good Slime A Cure for Crazy A Crazy Request A Thorn in Its Side A Questionable Carriage A Friendly Wager Sibling Rivalry The Broken Honey Jar Mantigar's Request An Irritating Problem Clearing the Path Rarified Tastes A Fertile Field A Matter of Pride Malodor Antidote Leinolz's Whereabouts Glowing Mushroom A Nice Gesture A Crystal Hand Mirror A Drinking Problem Ksellid Control The Gerger's Insignia The Gerger's Disguise The Secret Letter The Blue Crystals [Gather] Gathering Kandula Securing the Trade Route Chasing the Legend Kagorinerk's Gift Soul Essence Turbulent Mist Spirits Turbulent Splash Spirits Rebuilding the Pillar An Important Announcement The Tayga Threat Reconstruction Supplies Failure to Report A Sneaky Delivery Shugo Potion The Sting of Poison A Lost Sword A Trustworthy Messenger A Monster in a Box Urnir's Reasoning Neifenmer's Reasoning Creating a Delay Aurtri's Letter The Lost Cube Emergency Rations Black Claw Baton [Gather] A Change of Diet [Gather] Branching out Further [Group] A Lucrative Endeavor A Secret Proposal Solid Proof [Group] Killing the Shamans [Group] Finishing off Fighters [Group] Killing Kumbaron's Followers Report to Pandaemonium Escaping Asmodae Leinolz's Request The Brigade General's Order Order to Valurion Money Where Your Mouth Is Rampaging Mosbears Groken's Escape Report to Garuntat Making a New Start [Coin] Mutated Spirits [Spend Coin] Iron (Warrior and Scout) [Spend Coin] Iron (Mage and Priest) A Bill Found in a Box [Gather] Disgruntled Workers [Manastone] Lakutu's Exchange [Manastone] Lakutu's Trade Morheim Commander's Call [Gather] Teleporter Troubles Frenai's Lost Jewelry Daeva, Where's My Herb? Active Discouragement The Claw of the Tayga Orders From the Fortress Irresistible Soup Outfighting Arachnas Strange Mushrooms A Sorrowful Message Disease Carriers Sylphen Pollution Why the Fish Aren't Biting A Seafood Feast [Spend Coin] Bronze (Warrior and Scout) Vivi's Book [Coin] Nip Spriggs in the Bud [Coin] Foes of the Fortress Keindor's Message Reclaiming History [Spy] The Spirit's Letter [Coin] Clearing the Way Creepy Crawlies The Spirit's Notebook An Unfinished Mystery Wasting the Watch Octanu's Lair Millennium Eka Arachna Egg Orders for Randet A Distasteful Duty Meaty Treats A Ribbit out of Water A New Recipe [Spend Coin] Bronze (Warrior And Scout) [Spend Coin] Silver or Bronze (Mage and Priest) [Spend Coin] Bronze (Mage and Priest) [Manastone] A Decent Offer [Manastone] A Bothersome Task The Munmun's Ginseng [Group] Weakening the Iceclaws [Group] An Ice Claw Raid Ancient Ginseng Destroying the Mau Flag Orashunerk's Special Order [Group] Odella Rope Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Swiftness for Hunters Courage for Hunters [Group] Legendary Amethysts [Group] Kimssi's Wish [Group] Seeking the Spotlight Spiner Stones Nosy Barghests Obscured Vision Oculazen Irises A Foul Stench Elim Fruit The Agrint's Wish Peace at the Last The Agrint's Message Putting out Fires Destroyer Hamitemon A Prized Possession