Thinking Ahead Where's Rae? Treasure of the Deceased A Charmed Cube Teaching a Lesson Hit Them Where it Hurts Where's Rae This Time? Ascension A Ceremony in Pandaemonium Asmodian Quest Fungus Among Us Encroachers A Dangerous Crop Scout it Out Take the Initiative Fear This Trespassers at the Observatory Reconstructing Impetusium Securing the Supply Route Keeping the Black Claw Tribe in Check Know Your Enemy Crushing the Conspiracy Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Petrifying Elim Guardian Spirit Destroying the Curse The Hand Behind the Ice Claw The Three Keys A Captive Flame The Protector of Nepra A Lost Daeva Allies Among Enemies Kikananta's Loyalty Hold The Front Line The Last Checkpoint Temporary Saving Beluslan Fortress An Undead Occupation A Missing Father Light up the Lighthouse The Seiren's Treasure Thawing Kurngalfberg Glaciont the Hardy A Spy Among the Lepharists A Peace Offering Restoring Beluslan Observatory Suppressing the Bakarma Legion DF3 Mission DF3 Mission DF3 Mission DF3 Mission DF3 Mission DF3 Mission DF3 Mission Temporary Temporary Speaking Balaur Abyss Battle Training Captured Comrades Looking for Leibo Putting on the Speed The Shadow Summons Regarding Hierni Temporary Temporary Temporary Meet the Reapers Graves of the Red Sky Legion The Secret Passage The Secret of Adma Stronghold Twice as Bright Spirit Blade But What we Make To Face the Future Order of the Captain On Your Feet! A Bloody Task The Sprigg Report Meeting the Fruit Quota Sparkle and Shine Vanar's Flattery Return to Sender The Shinier the Better Love in Bloom Idle Hands Runaway Qooqoo Urd's Request Token of a Lost Love The Insect Problem Sap for Leather A Treasure Map Food Bandits Up to no Good Black Opal A Brax Skin Rug Checking on a Friend Ashes to Ashes The Imprisoned Gourmet The Captain's Secret The Robbery Plot As Much as You Can Carry Pearls Before Swine A Good Tonic Suspicious Activity Call to Duty A Delivery of Leather A New Skill Azpha For Health And Well-being Alfrigh's Request For Love of Negi The Lost Axe A Cursed Opal Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary [Manastone Bundle] Cook the Books [Manastone Bundle] Cheap Crates Pass the Message Treasure Seek Brotherly Love Swallowing Pride Altgard Duties The Crasaur Threat The Lobnite Problem Ice Lake Crystals Sparkie Sap Polish The Way to His Heart Slinking About Conversing With a Skurv Mau in Ten Minutes a Day The Scribbler Retrieving the Report Karnif Threat A Better Trap Poison Root, Potent Fruit No-Frills Quills A Long-Lost Friend Knot Your Average Message Gleaning the Meaning