Governor's Directive Defeat 9th Rank Asmodian Soldiers Defeat 8th Rank Asmodian Soldiers Defeat 7th Rank Asmodian Soldiers Defeat 6th Rank Asmodian Soldiers Defeat 5th Rank Asmodian Soldiers Defeat 4th Rank Asmodian Soldiers Defeat 3rd Rank Asmodian Soldiers Defeat 2nd Rank Asmodian Soldiers Defeat 1st Rank Asmodian Soldiers [Spend Coin] Gold/Silver (Scout/Warrior) [Spend Coin] Gold/Silver (Priest/Mage) [Spend Coin] Silver (Scout/Warrior 36) [Spend Coin] Silver (Priest/Mage 36) [Coin] Dousing the Flame Tribe [Coin] Termination Klaws Silver for the Fountain Trading Down [Group] Confront Asmodian Officers [Group] Confront Asmodian Generals Meeting with the Brigade General Rastin's Homesickness No Quest Reaper Expertise Centurion's Forgetfulness Scouting the Lake Recruits for Nezekan's Shield [Group] Assassin Mokkurkalfi Cursed Guardian Redeeming Ladacus Hard Bone Dagger of Love No Quest Pieces of Aether Greater Aether [Alliance] Defeat Lower Gatekeepers [Alliance] Defeat Lower Generals [Alliance] Defeat Upper Gatekeepers [Alliance] Defeat Upper Generals No Quest Twilight Battlefield Immortal Soul Undead Destroyer's Ring Earning Some Green Destroying the Guard Tower [Group] Decimate the West Garrison Eliminating the Memory Reaper Threat of the Thunder Shout Legion [Group] Decimate the East Garrison Eliminating the Soul Reaper Nemea's Research Sample Daeva of Flame's Request [Coin] The Interfering Embers Stop the Unavarun Legion Root of the Problem End of the Corrupted Elim No Quest Destroying the Red Hasia Legion [Group] Decimate the Sulfur Garrison No Quest Sohonerk's Wish Junjunbinerk's Goodwill Minonerk's Alternative Selling the Abyss Legend of the Sword's Edge Basrash Must Die Aid the Aether Collection Tenacious Archon [Group] Decimate the Asteria Garrison No Quest Collecting Ancient Swords Golem's Bright Marble Demolition Derby The Drakes Keep Us Awake Culling the Garcikhans Treasure Hunter Kuenunerk Call of the Governor Clearing out the Asmodian Landing [Group] Decimate the Roah Garrison No Quest Klaws for Panic End the Corruption No Quest The Best Defense is a Good Offense [Group] Decimate the Krotan Garrison Protecting the Landing Preparing for Inspection No Quest Seizing the Asmodian Supplies [Group] Decimate the Kysis Garrison Drake Raiders Vengeance for Baucis Part of the Crashed Dredgion Discerning Their Intentions [Group] Decimate the Miren Garrison Vindachinerk's Demand Vindachinerk's Scroll Jakurerk's Shot at the Big Time Pupil's Diary Jaiorunerk's Tombstone [Group] Capture Siel East Fortress [Group] Assault Siel East Elites [Group] Capture Siel West Fortress [Group] Assault Siel West Elites [Group] Capture Sulfur Fortress [Group] Assault Sulfur Elites [Group] Capture Asteria Fortress [Group] Assault Asteria Elites [Group] Capture Roah Fortress [Group] Assault Roah Elites [Group] Capture Krotan Refuge [Group] Assault Krotan Elites [Group] Capture Kysis Fortress [Group] Assault Kysis Elites [Group] Capture Miren Fortress [Group] Assault Miren Elites Temporary The Nightmare Ghosts Cannibal Worm Sap Making Our Own Weapons Ending the Ancients Fire-Resistant Weapons Our Weapons Are Melting Hunting Ravenous Beasts Four Defenders ...Plus Two More Defenders [Craft] Tigraki Weaponsmithing [Craft] Tigraki Armorsmithing [Craft] Tigraki Handicrafting [Craft] Tigraki Cooking [Craft] Tigraki Alchemy [Craft] Tigraki Tailoring [Relic Reward] Ancient Icon [Relic Reward] Ancient Seal [Relic Reward] Ancient Goblet [Relic Reward] Ancient Crown Clean the Nest Left Wing Attack A Deal with Silvius Enemy in the Abyss The Balaur Below A New Battle Pain in the Fortress Target: Balaur Opening Doors Paper Trail A Strange Soul Rift Stones [Relic Reward] Ancient Goblet_Elyoses and Asmodians