Stench on the Road Fish on the Line Angling Advice Ben's Special Bait Bait the Hooks Frillneck Fluid Outlaw of the Jungle Laupede Antidote Sillen's Spirit Samples Collecting the Essence of Earth Stopping the Spread of Klaw Contemplating Klaw Hearts Klaw Control [Group] King Klawtan [Spy] Alukina's Palace Gluttonous Manduris Frillneck Arrowheads [Spy/Group] Mirror, Mirror [Spy/Group] The Seiren's Fin Delivery to Arbolu's Haven Which Came First? The Klaw Problem Kill Those Frillnecks What's in the Box? A Job for Pobinerk The Miser's Map Crossed Destiny The Legend of Vindachinerk Jaiorunerk's Diary Banshee Farming A Bone to Pick [Coin] Deathsong Corruption [Spend Coin] 36Lv. Warrior, Scout [Spend Coin] 36Lv. Mage, Priest Dignity and Bluster Helping Kravis A Gnarly Problem Some Tasty Mushrooms A Feast For a Village Deathsong Dangers Gray Fog Corruption Gray Fog Monsters Where do Rotrons Come From? Discolored Bones Picking off the Undead Gellar The Priest's Nightmare Amalen the Forlorn The Undead Orphanage Showing Mercy News from Arbolu's Haven [Group] Weakening Bollvig's Forces A Message to Trajanus [Group] The Greater of Two Evils Rest for the Undead The Best Firewood Sylphen Wing Soup Kalione's Choice Fangs for the Kinah Whip it Profitably Dead Porgus Walking Give Me a Break Eternal Servants Art Appreciation [Group] Destroy the Seed of Evil A Nice Tigric Rug Looting the Tigrics Researching the Lepharists To Catch a Spy The Lepharist Situation Mapping the Revolutionaries Breaking Things Up Message to Arbolu's Haven Researching Earth Spirits [Coin] Taking out the Trash [Group] Target: Lepharist Secrets Looting the Tigrics Where's Belbua? [Spy/Group] A Suspicious Box [Spy/Group] Suspicious Scientists [Spy/Group] The Key is the Key [Spy/Group] The Research Journal [Group] RM-114c Start Spreading the News The Case of the Wailing Windwisps Blue's Crews Blues Supplies For the Blue Fleet Weapons of the Ancient Warriors Starturtle Oil Light the Path Specter's Wall of Sound Meteria's Regret Give Me Some Skin Ancient Pot Trouble at Changarnerk's Campsite Thief's Mark The Stenon Bay Shipwreck The Wreck of the Argos The Missing Fiance A Flute For the Fixing [Coin] The Aggressive Undead [Spend Coin] 41Lv. Warrior, Scout [Spend Coin] 41Lv. Mage, Priest Teleporter Repairs Namarinerk's Dream Know Your Anubites The Star of Heiron A Very Old Letter Medicinal Clodworms Elemental Water Flowers Dressing Up For Bollvig Undead War Alert Mutant Pretors [Group] It's for Your Own Good Strategically Important Mucus Kishar Balaur Finding the Forges Krall to the Wall Kill Kanshasha Hokuna Matata [Group] Monitoring Taking it to the Indratu [Coin] Eradicating Undead Draconute Weapon Discouraging Balaur Invisible Bridges The Undutiful Daughter Kill the Kobold Cook [Gather] Jewel of Passion [Gather] A Personal Gift [Gather] Roina's Craving [Gather] A Cooling Drink [Gather] An Egrasi Fence [Gather] Energizing Food [Gather] A Kind Husband [Gather] Orichalcum to Enchant Weapon [Gather] Edoras's Best Clothing [Gather] Insomnia Tea [Spy/Group] Meeting the Mau Spy [Spy/Group] Key to the Cave [Group] The Draupnir Weapons A Cube for Perento [Group] The Tigraki Agreement [Group] The Tigraki Assignment [Group] The Draconic Assignment [Group] Return to Draupnir Cave The Little Leather Slipper A Day Older and Deeper in Debt Are You My Father?