Sentinel Viragos Corpse-Hunting Viragos Shumerurk's Trade Suspicious Pretors Delivery to the Lyceum RM-12b A Mysterious Crystal New Flight Path Reporting the New Flight Path A Wrench in the Works Pressing the Advantage Lepharists Amok [Spend Coin] Silver (Warrior and Scout) [Spend Coin] Silver (Mage and Priest) Paion's Worry A Lie Begets a Lie Specialty Hides Heart of the Mamut A Head Start on Hylas Crystals for Hylas Tigrics of Ill Omen Encountering Akeras Trespassers at the Observatory Mamaki Patrol Tumblusen's Call [Group] The Kaidan Surge A Dangerous Potion Infiltrate the Kaidan [Group] Operation Windmill [Group] Reducing Kaidan Strength [Group] Defeating Saendukal The Kaidan Report [Coin] Fortress Beasts Ferenna's Test Trespassers at the Observatory The Frillneck Threat A Better Sword Expert Advice [Group] Raiding The Raiders [Group] Odium Marks [Group] Killing Kaidan Guards Cleansing The Forest [Spend Coin] Bronze (Mage and Priest) [Spend Coin] Silver or Bronze (Mage and Priest) A Teleportation Experiment [Gather] The River Predators [Gather] Stalking the Wily Lapia [Gather] Girrinerk's Potions [Gather] Medicinal Roots [Gather] The Price of Titanium [Gather] Desert Fess [Gather] Worth Your Weight in Gold [Manastone] One for Three [Gather] The Strongest Spear [Gather] First Aid [Gather] The Vital Ingredient [Manastone] Better for Worse [Gather] Untouchable Aether Crystals [Gather] Combat Preparation Delivery For Vulcanus [Gather] Like Mother Used to Make [Gather] A Tender Concern Mace Making Materials Letter to Ophelos [Gather] Ore for Hannet Delivery for Hannet Doubtful Characters The Garnet Earrings [Gather] Arkel's Signpost [Gather] A Daeva's Reputation [Gather] Garnets for Krato [Gather] Magical Shugo Grass [Gather] A Daeva's Reputation (II) [Gather] Krato Needs Lazuli A Strange Turn of Phrase Plant Poison Antidote [Spy] Celestine's Antidote [Spy] Message to a Spy [Spy/Gather] A Gift of Love [Spy] That Old Elyos Spirit [Spy] Respect For Deltras The Four Leaders Hannet's Lost Love [Group] Looking for Denlavis [Group] Hannet's Revenge Fake Stigma [Spy] Ganimerk's Espionage [Spy/Group] Tayga, Bane of Shugos [Group] Blood Feud Bait and Switch Violent Frillneck The Manduri Polluters A Feast for Phomona Helping Memnes Kerubian Weapons Troll Hammers [Spy] A Teleportation Adventure Harumonerk's Request Chiyorinrinerk's Request Dirty Chindu A Treat For Adelphie Balaur Bones Three Kurin Brothers Marfonda of Darkness A Lepharist Box [Group] Korumonerk in Danger [Group] The Lost Glove Box [Group] Korumonerk's Pauldrons [Group] Korumonerk's Worry [Group] Korumonerk's Backpack Enemy in the Kaidan Mine Enemy Miner Prestart Temporary Orders From Perento Eliminating Ettins Resha's Special Stew A Lost Memento A Message to Sakmis Tenacious Ibelia [Coin] Ettin Jerky Vaizel Worg Hunt [Spend Coin] Gold or Silver (Warrior/Scout) [Spend Coin] Gold or Silver (Mage/Priest) [Group] Insufficient Funds Troublesome Ettin Stolen Relic Suspicious Spice Pot The Ettin's Necklace Supporting Heiron Observatory Going For a Curry [Group] Negating Nagas [Group] Demoralizing Drakan [Manastone] Atera's Exchange [Manastone] Atera's Trade Killing Kerubiels Kerubiels on the Move Basilisk is Best Clodworm is Close Enough Agrint Aggro Peel Me a Rotron Rotten Rotrons Strange Leather Returned Tartaron Residents Sample Skulls Late of Heiron Undead Trinkets Remembering Firescar Clodworm Vindicated