Chaos Wind Flame Bolt IV Healing Light IV Tremor Tremor Flame Bolt IV Healing Light IV Slashing Chain Chop Armaments Thief Armaments Thief Armaments Thief Armaments Thief Point Blank Mortar Bombardment Power Point Blank Mortar Power Round Mortar Bombing Multishot Explosion Vengeful Scream Spiteful Sphere Spiteful Sphere Subzero Malice Rushing Subzero Malice Ide Scale Dragon Lord Blade IV Mirage Dance Chaos Wind Capture Chariot Dragon Lord Blade IV Slash Cut Searing Scream Flying Blade Demolish Explosive Suicide Prime Target Punishing Blow Fetters Annihilation Explosion Heat Wave Eruption Flame Churn Fire Strike Infernal Flame Suffocating Heat Infernal Flame Explosion Warming Healing Blaze 1 Healing Blaze 2 Healing Blaze 3 Deny Aggression Agent's Strike Pulverize Empyrean Judgment Ripple Empyrean Shield Breath of Hope Agent's Rest Heat Stroke Combustion Penetrating Blaze Shock Surge Destructive Ray Fury Strike Blast Get on Antiaircraft Gun Get on Antiaircraft Gun Agent's Awakening Spirit's Vengeance Turning Tide Front Detonation Dragon Lord Blade IV Iron Wall Empyrean Protection Mighty's Passionate Cheer I Mighty's Energetic Cheer I Dark Necromancy Dark Shield Pursuit Engraving Berserk Booster Install Bomb Explosion Mount Anti-aircraft Gun Mount Anti-aircraft Gun Board Swift Runner Board Swift Runner Power Generator Barrier Unmount Firestrike Lava Lightning Fire Lightning Shock Chain Chain Destruction Flame Bullet Inferno Shot Fusion Flame Hellfire Wreckage Magical Attack Destruction Firestorm Brave Templarerk's Soul Furious Gladiatorerk's Soul Roiling Sorcererk's Soul Brave Templarerk's Soul Furious Gladiatorerk's Soul Roiling Sorcererk's Soul Shulack Scratch Summon Minion Restoration Aura Thrash Boost Attack Strike Down Summon Minion Storm Mine Frozen Ground Flame Shot Gate Destruction Defensive Boost Snatch and Pull Loud Noises Wide Area Explosion Boost Attack Boost Defense Sweeping Strike Down Sweeping Thrash Powerful Slash Balaur's Snare Terrifying Roar Fatal Fury Drakan Bomb Wrathful Flames Collection Essencetapping Aethertapping Cooking Weaponsmithing Armorsmithing Tailoring Tailoring Carpentry Alchemy Handicrafting Morph Substances Construction