Cannon Bombardment Enervation Attack Boost Raging Fury Raging Strike Raging Attack Wide Area Bombardment Physical Reflective Shield Magical Reflective Shield Destructive Word Immutable Pledge Spiritual Ignition Hammering Blow Pummeling Blow Shock Wave Steely Blow Backdraft Detonation Reserved Step Collapse Boarding the Mobile Turret Boarding the Destined Mobile Turret Dismount Cannon Runic Bombardment Surkana Aetheric Field Aetheric Cannon Level 1 Leaving the Aetheric Cannon Drill Vera Siege Ballista Bombardment Cannon Bombardment Iron Cage Intensive Bombardment Malignancy Extensive Engraving Withering Gloom Crippling Soul Strike Soul Busting Shot Agrint Curse Aetheric Cannon Level 2 Aetheric Cannon Level 3 Detonation Tear to Ribbons Ripslash Ursin Frenzy Shattering Roar Three-Ring Blades Trickster's Slash Pyrotechnics Torment Renewed Vigor Renewed Vigor Renewed Vigor Yume's Grace Yume's Grace Yume's Grace Embrace the Dream Embrace the Nightmare Embrace the Dream Embrace the Nightmare Daze Target Crush Dreams Terror Smash Root in Fear Open Nightmare Box Bolstered Attack Feed the Nightmare Crush Dreams Hook Grab Fascination Fade Away Poisoned Sting Crushing Terror Flatter the Nightmare Smash Final Strike Fade Away Eject Shield Ally [Event] Marvelous XP Energy [Event] Divine Warmth Ide Frenzy Armaments Thief Armaments Thief Armaments Thief Armaments Thief Disembark Bombardment Shock and Awe Bombardment Shock and Awe Heavy Round Breaching Ram Scorching Blast Flamethrow Vengeful Orb Deny Aggression Overlord's Protection Get on the Danuar Siege Weapon Bombardment Thunderbolt Bombardment Unyielding Aether Detonation Get on Antiaircraft Gun Get on Antiaircraft Gun Bombardment Blanket Bombardment Board the Vehicle Board the Vehicle Bombardment Blanket Bombardment Pummeling Blow Chaingun Direct Strike Guided Missile Binding Chains Salvo Pepper the Area Lay Waste Gas Eruption Detonation Emergency Repair Crushing Assault Single-minded Strike Breath of Lethargy Stomp Crushing Stomp Concussive Impact Pulverizing Stomp Noxious Breath Aggressive Shot Slaughtering Cleave Onslaught Cleaving Massacre Butcher's Sweep Aerial Confinement Bloody Crash Howl of Emptiness Aether Prison Ide Explosion Aether Crystal Armor Fierce Roar Wyrm Spike Dragon Fang Dragon Claw Rushing Lance Thunder Crash Toxic Spew Tear Asunder