Conqueror's Passion Conqueror's Passion Sword Storm Long-range Area Stride Decrease Wide Area Wrathful Strike Fear Shriek Activate Explosion Trap Shock Wave Capture Activate Paralysis Trap Israphel's Protection Nightmare IDF2a_Solo_Named_Casting Long Range Physical Damage+Bleeding For 10 sec IDF2a_Solo_Named_Casting Movement Speed Decreased by 50% IDF2a_Solo_Named_No Casting_Skill For Display (Wind of Chase) IDF2a_Solo_Named_No Casting DoT Heal (Unlimited/250 every 5 sec) IDF2a_Solo_Named_Open Aerial IDF2a_Solo_Named_Damage+Close Aerial IDF2a_Solo_Named_Named_Long Range Magical Damage (Ground) IDF2a_Solo_Named_Shield (1750) IDF2a_Solo_Named_No Casting Area Magical Damage (Water)+Cripple Attack Speed IDF2a_Solo_Named_Skill For Display (Water Pillar) IDF2a_Solo_Named_Summon_Area Damage (Water)+Stumble IDF2a_Solo_Named_Long Range Magical Damage (Fire)+Mana Burn 20% IDF2a_Solo_Named_No Casting Long Range Magical Damage (Fire) IDF2a_Solo_Named_Skill For Display (Flame Pond) IDF2a_Solo_Named_Summon_No Casting Area Damage (Fire) IDF2a_Solo_Mob_Close Range Physical Damage+Defense Decrease+Bleeding IDF2a_Solo_Mob_Shield (750) IDF2a_Solo_Mob_Casting DoT Heal (120 sec/125 every 5 sec) IDF2a_Solo_Mob_Close Range Physical Damage+Redirect Attack IDF2a_Solo_Mob_No Casting Focused Evasion IDF2a_Solo_Mob_Long Range Physical Damage+Movement Speed/Attack Speed Decrease IDF2a_Solo_Mob_Physical/Magical Attack Increase IDF2a_Solo_Mob_No Casting Long Range Magical Damage (Fire) Summon Bonfire Energy Midnight Robe Blessing of Blood Area Blood Sucking Blood Sucking Area Press Extensive Engravings Extensive Engravings Explosion Attack Command Self-destruct Command Sacrifice Explosion Area Soul Strike Strong Soul Strike Withering Gloom Thunder Crash Fallout Magic's Freedom Deceleration Curse Strike of Invincibility Tremor Tremor Earthquake Fallout Earth Upheaval Earth Upheaval Ground Explosion Ground Wave Rift Strike Time Stop Time Speed Time Rush Time Slow Decapitation Fettertwine Crisis Evasion Magical Drana Smash Curse of Ambulation Activate Radial Magic Ward Activate Circular Magic Ward Gravity Buildup Operate Gravity Control Device Gravity Reduction Gravity Distortion Gravity Distortion Gravity Field Compression Gravity Field Compression Commander's Strike Adjutant's Strike Wave of Pain Sweeping Strike Storm Blade Storm Blade Defense Mark Burst Flames of Retribution Sea of Retribution Flame Chain Storm of Retribution Piercing Strike Piercing Strike Lava Eruption Looming Flame Summon Fire Lord Fiery Spear Fire Petal Spray Flame Terror Belonging to Panesterra Castle 1 Belonging to Panesterra Castle 2 Belonging to Panesterra Castle 3 Belonging to Panesterra Castle 4 Poison snare strike Bind of light strike Root of darkness strike DoT damage by Physical strikes Bleeding by Physical slash Root of Earth Shots Fiery Root Shots OFF Soul Bite Power Roar Trooper Shock Triumphant Roar Drill Explosion of Wrath Assault Activate Ide Fearful Panic Ide Frenzy Explosion Command: Wind Storm I Command: Wind Storm II Command: Wind Storm III Command: Wind Storm IV Command: Wind Storm V Command: Fire Storm I Command: Fire Storm II Command: Fire Storm III Command: Fire Storm IV Command: Fire Storm V Command: Earth Storm I Command: Earth Storm II Command: Earth Storm III Command: Earth Storm IV Command: Water Storm I Command: Water Storm II Command: Water Storm III Command: Water Storm IV Command: Lava Storm I Command: Lava Storm II Command: Tempest Storm I Command: Tempest Storm II Command: Wind Warding I Command: Wind Warding II Command: Wind Warding III Command: Wind Warding IV Command: Wind Warding V Command: Fire Warding I