Board Artillery Board Artillery Get Off Artillery Aerial Fury Area Bombardment Blessing of Blood Relic Plunder Empyrean Lord's Power Crashing Wind Strike Focused Divine Touch Focused Flames Boost Physical Attack Bark Wail Precision Bombardment Long-Range Precision Bombardment Bombardment Blanket Bombardment Long-Range Blanket Bombardment Precision Blanket Bombardment Long-Range Precision Blanket Bombardment Thundering Blanket Bombardment Crippling Blanket Bombardment Paralysis Bullet Blanket Bombardment Precision Paralysis Bullet Blanket Bombardment Blanket Bombardment Precision Blanket Bombardment Thundering Blanket Bombardment Aerial Fury Blanket Aerial Fury Precision Blanket Aerial Fury Blanket Aerial Fury Powerful Blanket Flak Bombardment Summoned Paralysis Eye Set Target Aura of Curse Acidic Fluid Eruption Venomous Claw Incapacitation Blow Sanguine Strike Spirit Pique V Wind Spirit Pique V Fire Spirit Pique II Tempest Spirit Pique II Magma Dispel Only for Arena Cannon Clean Mana Victory Salute Fire Cannonball Kahrun's Will Shulack Transformation Poison Pill Apply Poison I Aethertwisting Absorb Energy I Aerial Thrust Skill Gravity Wave Dragon Breath Burning Power Attack Mutation: Drakie Tempest Internal Injury Boisterous Pummeling Showering Strike Power Attack Sap Damage Fatal Fury Curse Aftereffect: Fatal Fury Destabilize Absorb Energy II Frightcorn's Curse Starturtle's Curse Gastron's Curse Break Frightcorn's Curse Break Starturtle's Curse Break Gastron's Curse Wing Coil Fungie's Energy Flame Eruption Shifting Sands Slam Blood Sucking Infection Eardrum Rupture Delirium Delirium Delirium Delirium Smash Gravity Control Absorb Energy III Dispersion Tiamat's Capture Tiamat's Smash Tiamat's Collapse Tiamat's Collapse Tiamat's Throw Tiamat's Smash Tiamat's Ambush Tiamat's Dervish Tiamat's Throw Magical Drana Cannon Explosive Damage Technical Strike Flash of Destruction Fire of Demolition Flame of Demolition Flame of Confusion Horrible Curse Horrible Curse Rage Haridoo's Majesty Terraspin Collapsing Earth Splendor of Purification Reian Mine Stunning Shot Summon Paralysis Eye Doppelganger Fevered Gullet Earth Pierce Sulfuric Blast Power Attack Power Attack Throw Big Object Accelerate Hunger Thirst Terraspin Terraspin Self Destruct Old Tree Curse Vine Snare Absorb Sap Debarim's Power Judgment Time Submerge Lacerating Bite Hellish Assault Grudge Wound Manduri Curse Smash Capture Vortex Vortex Shock Wave Great Magical Barrier Great Magical Barrier Death Dread Flame Loop