Resurrection Loci II Mountain Crash I Divine Justice IV Cyclone of Wrath II Severe Precision Cut Infernal Blight I Illusion Storm IV Curse of Water II Death Sentence Invincibility Bloodthirst Tremor Fist Crazed Butchery Aerial Thrust Body Bash Iron Skin Healing Servant Noble Energy Splendor of Purification Summon Healing Servant II Summon Noble Energy I Call Lightning I Aura of Resistance Abashment Wrathful Bellow Armor of Retribution Depression Crawling Silence Splendid Shield Soul Torture Total Exhaustion Wrath Throw Berserk Weaken Fleet Feet Total Exhaustion Blinding Light Searing Regurgitation Self Destruct Spectacular Suicide Drana Resonance Fire Cannonball Explosion Dragon Breath Oil Soak Bomb Explosion Hide Divine Grasp Mangle Combust Shimmering Azure Flaring Crimson Paralyze Palm Blast Fire Column Strike Down with Anger Dragon Flame Dragon's Fireball Mighty Thrust Explosion of Wrath Eruption of Power Soul Petrify Destroy Frozen Soul Powerful Dragon Flame Dragon's Fireball You are unworthy. Flame Shower Stun Strike Battle Cry Assault Powerful Knockdown Self-Protection Fatal Reflection Abnormal Air Current Charming Attraction Confusion of the Cursed Wound Explosion Rotate Light of Vitality Voice of the Mighty Zadra's Metamorphosis Caustic Spray Drain HP Extort HP Double Rake Serial Crush Summon Exploding Bug Arrow Deluge Sleep Summon Bomb Dark Shock Wave Shock Wave Blue Flame Red Flame Explosion Glorious Surge Canyonguard's Rage Sleep of Death Test Stun Skill Terrible, Terrible, Damage! Guilty Verdict Great Explosion Dimensional Vortex Rakescar Small Recovery Trap Damage Zadra's Call Stunning Shot VI Rupture Arrow VII Heart Shot IV Drake Arrow I Shock Arrow V Gale Arrow VI Swift Shot VI Arrow Strike VI Mana Treatment V Bestial Virago V Charged Drana Bomb Jab Godstone Pride Doppelganger Boost Resist Magic Boost Resist Magic Negate Magic Weakening Severe Blow III Ferocious Strike III Robust Blow III Explosion of Rage II Shield Counter III Use the dish from the warehouse Use the healing potion from the administrator warehouse Godstone Power: Orissan's Blood Godstone Power: Charna's Root Godstone Power: Eio's Tears Use the cheap dish Use the cheap healing potion Cold Teleportation Wind Flame Teleportation Shower Stun Teleportation Wave Young Void Flame Young Adrift Young Gravitational Shift Young Space Twist Hide I Deadshot II Stunning Shot I Rupture Arrow I Entangling Shot I Swift Shot I