Away With You! Ludicrous Speed Surkana Barrier Surkana Barrier Command: Wind Transference I Command: Wind Transference II Command: Wind Transference III Command: Wind Transference IV Command: Fire Transference I Command: Fire Transference II Command: Fire Transference III Command: Fire Transference IV Command: Earth Transference I Command: Earth Transference II Command: Earth Transference III Command: Earth Transference IV Command: Water Transference I Command: Water Transference II Command: Water Transference III Command: Water Transference IV Command: Magma Transference I Command: Tempest Transference I Summon Whirlwind I Summon Whirlwind II Ruthless Dervish Shulack Strike Capture Torturer's Song Recovery Hide Toxic Dust Crush Keep in Check Hypervolt Beam Red Alert Drana Storm Fire Cannon Spray Drana Acid Board the Steam Tachysphere. Canyonguard's Wrath Canyonguard's Target Relic Explosion Relics Collapse Speeding Afterimage Dance of Many Astute Tuali Iron Wall Protective Shield Overload Sap Damage Sap Damage Sap Damage Sap Damage Sap Damage Upgrade Self Destruct Brandish Sawteeth Overclock Shulack Energy Drink Section 3 Massacre display PC polymorph dispel Surkana Overload Emergency Repair Healing Sap Healing Sap Healing Sap Healing Sap Healing Sap Healing Sap Healing Sap Healing Sap Cadella's Blessing Cadella's Blessing Cadella's Blessing Cadella's Blessing Cadella's Blessing Cadella's Blessing Cadella's Blessing Cadella's Blessing Control Golem Aggression Stance Root Magma Blast Tempest Blast Strengthen Flesh Death Dread Death Strike Flame Bolt Discombobulate Catastrophe Aerial Thrust of Darkness Hellish Visitation Spark of Darkness Savage Claw Cry of the Hunter Virulent Poison Kamara's Roar Spectacular Leap Outrageous Assault Outrageous Assault Outrageous Assault Brandish Tail Void Flame Adrift Void Wave Gravitational Shift Galactic Quake Space Distortion Dimensional Vortex Awaiting Order Executing Order Offering Fellow Soldier Protection Shield Bash III Dazing Severe Blow II Divine Blow II Surprise Attack IV Binding Rune II Barrier of Severance I Flame Bolt IV Winter Binding III Splendor of Recovery III Healing Light IV Light of Renewal IV Word of Spellstopping Meteor Strike III Incandescent Blow III Berserking II Ferocious Strike IV Robust Blow IV Cleave III Force Cleave I Soul Sickness Divine Grasp II Wrathful Wave II Divine Chastisement IV Seismic Wave IV Aether Armor II Strike of Darkness III Vaizel's Dirk I Dodging I Whirlwind Slash II Wind Walk I Kaisinel's Wrath I Tranquilizing Cloud I Disenchant I Stone Skin IV Summon Spirit Brand of Nemesis Word of Destruction II Word of Wind I