Resistance: Earth Resistance: Wind Transformation: Fire Spirit Transformation: Water Spirit Transformation: Wind Spirit Transformation: Terra Spirit Wind of Speed Spiteful Curse Side Effect Rampage of Pain Arrow of Grief Hex Storm Blast Radius Knock Senseless Repulsion Strike Snaring Field Backbreaker Earth's Torment Collapsing Earth Furious Barrage Grievous Blow Gravity Blessing Calamity Wave Energy Drain Energy Drain Fleshmending Sudden Shriek Hide R4 [1] Hide R4 [2] Hide R4 [3] Hide Upkeep Reducing Buff Inhuman Toughness Unconquerable Will IDElemental1_3Nmd_LongRangeAttack_Nr Rebirth Reactivate Get on the Balaur Siege Weapon Slow Down Speed Up 81mm Mortar 170mm Long Range Cannon Get Off Find Oil Cask Find Oil Cask Find Oil Cask Sighting Shot Smash IDElemental1_1Nmd_AreaAttackmid_Basic Area Damage Long-distance Roll Depression Weakening Severe Blow I Iron Skin I Boost Morale Combat OFF Royal Swordsmanship Rage Rage Rage Weaken Drana Charge Bomber's Eye Get on Balaur Siege Weapon Fire Cannon Combust Cannon Get Off Wait for Combat Wait for Combat Flame Grip Rakescar Surge of Glory Drakie Curse Surge of Glory Surkana's Torment Surkana Aura Soul Conflagration Flame Sword Force Spinning Blade Pletus' Chastisement Mutant: Zadra's Follower Pletus' Ray Surkana Barrier Drain Surkana Explosion Aetheric Explosion Self Destruct Foreleg Swipe Aether Absorption Gaze of Darkness Curtain of Agony Time Wrinkle Recovery Absolute Defense Powerful Defense Strong Defense Scrap Collect Defect Drana Storm Drop the Drana Bomb Fire Drana Cannonball Spray Drana Acid Explosion Great Explosion Phantasmal Clone Shadow Snare Hemophobia Crawling Darkness Shadow Cloak Hide Dispel Hide Dispel Shadow Cloak Self Destruct Poison Slash Clone Disturbing Mind Unerring Arrow Sawteeth Arrow Surge of Glory Spiritual Focus Weaken Initialize IDElemental_CommonEvade_buff Shock Wave Emergency Escape IDForest_ManduNmd_Longround(LongRangeDonut) IDForest_ManduNmd_Areapulled(LongRangeCapture) IDForest_ManduNmd_Areaatk(StrongAreaAttack) IDForest_ManduNmd_Polyrun(TransformationSkill) Unbalance Press Strike Pletus' Roar Wrath of Zadra Aether Fusion Killing Field Barrier and damage reflection Fragment Powder Crippling Cut Firebolt Miserable Grief Misery's Company Dimension Movement Aether-Infused Armor Under Repair IDForest_3Nmd_Longround(LongRangeDonut) IDForest_3Nmd_areafear(AreaFear) Undercover Sunsurge Pletus' Interruption Energetic Rush