Targeted Strike Arrow Deluge Flame Bolt Ice Wave Hallowed Strike Wide Area Blindness Divine Touch Curse: Stone Statue Transformation Earth Fissure Gravity Control Earth Wave Exhaustion Unstable Earth Lay Egg Deadly Bolt Rock Slide Rock Slide Deadly Bolt II Ear Piercing Shriek Chilling Shriek Thundering Crash Toxic Miasma Protective Slumber Battle Frenzy Self Destruct Earthquake Scream of Ragnarok Omega's Transformation Searing Regurgitation Ragnarok's Binding Acidic Burst Wrathful Flames Self Destruct Protective Slumber Collapsing Earth Dramata's Rage Phantasmal Progeny Crystal Wave Crystal Collision Crushing Paralysis Crystal Rain Deadly Echo Deadly Echo Irresistible Call Drana Burst Explosion of Wrath Hamerun's Hypnosis Odella Overdose Skin of Odium Play Dead Borrowed Life Cross Spinning Cool Water Sweet Fruit Tasty Meat Prophet's Blessing Kromede Transformation Separation Hard Eggshell Hatch Qooqoo Curse Terrified Kuku Mind Control Aetheric Overload Delirium Taloc's Blessing Taloc's Blessing Hatch Spawn Eggs Physical Barrier Magical Barrier Poisonous Sap Resin Stench Lunacy Damage Ward Magic Ward Death Sentence Earth Rumble Deadly Poisonous Sap Neith's Lullaby Seeping Spine Rapid Attack Judge's Verdict Strength Relic Effect Mana Relic Effect Relic Rejuvenation Judge's Ruling Summon Bat Silent Slumber Sanguine Power Cobalt Benison Crimson Vitality Restoring Orison Lapilima's Shield Mass Hallucination Orkanimum's Divinity Mighty Roar False Trust Crushing Despair Faint Recovery Ability Drain Ability Drain Splendid Barrier Song of Life Verse 1 Song of Life Verse 2 Song of Protection Verse 1 Kromede Transformation Heal Light RedRelicEffectDestruction BlueRelicEffectDestruction Chef's Insight Rotan's Command Area Explosion Poisonous Sap Acidic Sap Paralyzing Sap Lapilima's Healing Healing Impairment Abyssal Blessing Exsanguination Throw Magic Stone Judge's Robes Divine Touch Rage of Kromede Crystal Wave Crystal Collision Replenishment Crushing Earth Acidic Snare Negation Rock Slide Repercussion Faltering Wave Explosive Trap Confinement Deceleration Shutdown Disbanding Initialize Force Steel Wall Aura Magnetic Resonance Aura Dissolution Public Destruction Stun Strike Battle Cry Assault Powerful Knockdown Resistance: Water