Surprise Attack Wide Area Ferocious Strike I Ferocious Strike I Stunning Shot Wide Area Curse of Roots Throw Trap Arrow Storm Bull's Eye Arrow Strike Wide Area Force Cleave Wide Area Dragon Rune Carve I Wide Area Dragon Rune Carve II Wide Area Dragon Rune Carve III Pain Rune Wide Area Hallowed Strike Spirit Strike Shooting Star Storm Mana Plunder Hydro Eruption Fire Burst Wide Area Rage Summon Spirit Light of Recovery Healing Wind III Shooting Star Storm Tiamat's Courage Preserve Spirit Mana Tap Inevitable Flame Terrorizing Flame Draw Essence Life Tap Soul Starved I Soul Starved II Soul Starved III Devour Soul Curse of Souls Devour Soul Shockwave Tide of Darkness Absorb Energy of Darkness Petrification Cleave Binding Snare Blindness Energy Drain Earth Binding Summon Healing Servant I Summon Healing Servant II Contaminate Mind Malevolent Ooze Flame of Trials Toe Stub Acid Spray Grudge Cleave Grudge Slam Grudge Shield Spiteful Transformation Bind Aether Cannon Shadow Healing Earthly Grudge Vampiric Rage Vaporfrost Ignite Cold Curse of Rage Terrifying Rage Seal of Submission Extract Life Righteous Ire Bind Shadow Shadow Strike Malicious Infection Open Wound Nerve Paralysis Battle Morale Spinning Smash Death Charge Swift Strike Thunder Crash Murderous Intent Clean Break Doom of the Living Bombs Away Battle Frenzy Wide Area Pull III Wide Area Aerial Thrust III Wide Area Crashing Wind Strike III Curse of Deity General Wide Area Swoon III Restrain Movement I Encouragement of Deity General III Ferocious Strike II Wide Area Wrathful Strike III Wide Area Crippling Cut III Fury of Deity General Holy Shield Shield of Reflection Aether Ray Wide Area Cleave Armor II Dispel Protection Dispel Reflection Bless of Guardian Spring Petrification Implosion Silencing Shot Plaguebearer's Projectile Vomit Seal of Reflection Seal of Reflection Omega's Roar Ragnarok's Scream Dragon's Blessing Indomitable Armor Stone of Protection Relic Protection Infernal Rift Plaguebearer's Mucus Plaguebearer's Digestive Fluid Sandstorm Trap I Effect Sandstorm Trap II Effect Arcane Thunderbolt Dragon's Blessing Pull Desperate Concentration Cowering Crystal Wave Vibration Crystal Purification Crystal Mesh Hatch Vitalize MP Reflective Barrier Splendid Blessing Umbral Blessing Resistance Crystal Fragment Vitality Loss Deafening Confusion Maternal Instinct Relief Agonizing Cramps Aether Storm Aetheric Turbulence Binding Web Constricting Webs Umbral Barrier Negation Escape Ferocious Strike I