Spirit Water Preserve III Spirit Water Preserve IV Spirit Magma Preserve I Spirit Tempest Preserve I Spirit Hypnosis I Wind Spirit Hypnosis II Wind Spirit Hypnosis III Wind Spirit Hypnosis IV Wind Spirit Hypnosis I Fire Spirit Hypnosis II Fire Spirit Hypnosis III Fire Spirit Hypnosis IV Fire Spirit Hypnosis I Earth Spirit Hypnosis II Earth Spirit Hypnosis III Earth Spirit Hypnosis IV Earth Spirit Hypnosis I Water Spirit Hypnosis II Water Spirit Hypnosis III Water Spirit Hypnosis IV Water Spirit Hypnosis I Magma Spirit Hypnosis I Tempest Summon Healing Servant I Summon Healing Servant II Activate Purifying Ward Submissive Strike Seal of Victory Certain Doom Weeping Curtain Current of Doubt Weakness Dark Judgment Punishment Earthly Retribution Mana Tap Curse of the Legion Root Time Wrinkle Auspicious Spur Hit Vital Spot Hobbling Slash Explosion Discharge Electrocution Immortal Reverie Pressure Wave Shroud of Ash Orb of Annihilation Seething Explosion Arcane Combustion Stellar Prophecy Foul Shroud Abjurant Mantle Force Cleave Wide Area Aerial Lockdown Crashing Blow Rage Wide Area Rage Ferocious Strike II Wide Area Ferocious Strike Force Cleave Entangling Shot Bull's Eye Arrow Deluge Wide Area Explosion Sandstorm Trap Apply Lethal Venom I Rune Cleave I Rune Cleave II Pain Rune Burst Punishing Shield Tranquilizing Cloud Hydro Eruption Ice Wave Shooting Star Storm Ice Sheet Blessing of Life Divine Touch Thunderbolt Healing Light Massive Shield Strike Spirit Substitution IV Water Spirit Water Flow IV Spirit Water Impact IV Spirit Immolation IV Water Element Storm IV Water Spirit Water Flow IV Spirit Water Impact IV Spirit Ruinous Offensive IV Water Summon Noble Energy II Ice Sheet IV Effect Poisoning Trap IV Effect Snare Trap V Effect Destruction Trap III Trap of Slowing IV Sixth Sense Call Of The Grave Bone Burst Mocking Shout Merciless Strike Combat Heal Merciless Smash Cozy Flame Hypnosis Reckless Abandon Yiyaaap! Swashbuckling Sea Spray Ice Locker Zap Waaaaaaaah! Krall Quixote Rock Collision Sand Cyclone Wave of Destruction Shadow Blast Divine Purge Celestius' Call Twilight Haze Ethereal Hand Pungent Odor Power of Protection Sinful Retribution Fool's Bane Cripple Attack Mind Lash Debilitate Mind Rune Vengeance Survival Instinct Tiamat's Chaos Conqueror's Strike Divine Grasp Immortal Reverie Shroud of Ash Mental Shock Rescue Mercenary Infernal Rift Itching Cloud Tickling Cloud Stinging Cloud Sluggish Cloud Exhausting Cloud Hazy Cloud Violent Cloud Fear Shriek Wide Area Pull Wide Area Ferocious Strike III Wide Area Aerial Thrust Wide Area Crashing Wind Strike