Blessing of Pernos Pearl of Protection Spirit Sword Power of Transcendence Blessing of Munin Pearl of Purification Amulet of Insight Power of Spirit Blade Protective Wave Fire Tentacle Pierce Collision Claw Pierce Glue Flame Area Dispel Blessing Explosion Vengeful Spirit's Scream Summon Flame Crippling Wave Explosion Powerful Smash Holy Servant Healing Energy Energy of Silence Energy of Chaos Wrath Blast Shooting Star Storm Radiate Dauntless Spirit Wide Smash AI Counterattack Rage Rage Self Destruct Earth Smash Reverberate Collapse Haorunerk's Protection Cruel Smash Blade of Lunacy Raging Wind Blade Silver Mirror Manic Rage Binding Web Coiling Web Toxic Gas Exsanguinate Kingspin's Venom Powerful Brandish Distant Wind Threshing Wind Midnight Wind Savage Teeth Dragon's Quake Voltaic Storm Shocking Bolt Restraining Gust Blade Cyclone Concealment Signet Blitz Odious Strike Signet Blast Blinding Mist Evasive Dodge Cruel Strike Collision Wide Smash Strong Shock Tolerance Strong Magic Tolerance Seismic Wave Rockfall Stone Curse Wave of Fear Invoke Energy Temblor Shock Tolerance Iron Maiden Magic Tolerance Ensaring Flame Forgestrike Blade Storm Thorn Carpet Flaying Curse Pulverize Armor Hurl Wedge Bloodshed Harrowing Storm Quick Recovery Hurl Boulder Ranged Paralysis Critical Strike Ranged Wound Healing Rain Inspire Confidence Long Ranged Stun Torpid Cloud Activate Spirit Shield Activate Protective Cordon Rock Fist Wrathful Wave Earth Rumble Omega's Fist Reverberating Earth Reverberating Havoc Spinning Fist Yellow Dust Trap Stonefetter Rock Wrath Magic Ward Two-handed Smash Fist of the Ancients Piercing Claw Grievous Terror Throw Spinesword Knuckle Blast Claw Scratch Self Harm Right Cross Tail Strike Shredding Sands Shredding Sands Crafty Strike Healing Wave Enervating Wave Pattern of Terror Pattern of Magic Purifying Wave Ankle Grab Stun Explosion Powerful Explosion Bleeding. Destruction Great Destruction Leg Root Blindness Pain Excruciating Pain Sleep Ankle Grab Snare Empyrean Avatar Empyrean Avatar Blessing of Mastarius Veille's Will Criminal Conspiracy Agent's Call Withering Stare Agent's Wrath Trap Strike