Expulsion Strike III Wake up! You lazybones! MagicalDamage100 Sword of Balaur II Sword of Balaur I Sword of Balaur II Sword of Balaur I Sword of Balaur II Encouragement of Deity General I Encouragement of Deity General II Encouragement of Deity General III Solorius' Blessing Rage of Warrior II Expulsion Strike IV Dragon Lord Blade IV Sword of Balaur I Sword of Balaur II Holy Protection Increase Anger Fatal Reflection Fatal Reflection Powerful Crippling Wave Pull with Anger Stun Wave Crippling Wave Flame Bind Raging Wind Lunatic Silence Nerve Paralysis Reduce Strength Electric Wave Sleep of Fear Balaur Enslavement Head Wound Balic Power Strike Down with Anger Paralysis Attack Magical Blow Aerial Smash Divine Justice Fearful Inferno Electrical Wave Only for No Fly No Flight Gauge and No Fly Charge Strong Blood Sucking Merciless Blood Sucking Death Sentence Deep Wound Mental Tremor Happy Memory Scent of Stability Lump of Flame Charge Tepetz's Curse Calydon Transformation Strong Shock Stone Shock All Hail to Kerubar All Hail to Kerubar Throes Unpleasant Experience Shock Wave Poison Spray Sleep Cold Mind Ribbit Transformation Ancient Barrier Revoking Light Scream of Water Wind Blade of Rage Wall of Earth Curse of Flame Wave of Storm Black Tsunami Hand of Weakness Tree Tendril Summon Lightning Summon Gust Summon Flame Mighty Charge Giant Tree's Roar Insanity Eruption Violent Snare Earth Impact Throwing Test Skill Invincibility Trap of Slowing I Trap of Slowing II Trap of Slowing III Noble Energy I Spirit Ruinous Offensive I Wind Spirit Ruinous Offensive II Wind Spirit Ruinous Offensive III Wind Spirit Ruinous Offensive IV Wind Spirit Ruinous Offensive I Fire Spirit Ruinous Offensive II Fire Spirit Ruinous Offensive III Fire Spirit Ruinous Offensive IV Fire Spirit Ruinous Offensive I Earth Spirit Ruinous Offensive II Earth Spirit Ruinous Offensive III Earth Spirit Ruinous Offensive IV Earth Spirit Ruinous Offensive I Water Spirit Ruinous Offensive II Water Spirit Ruinous Offensive III Water Spirit Ruinous Offensive IV Tempest Spirit Ruinous Offensive IV Lava Strong Magical Blow Retrieve Lifeform Deny Approach Rigid Muscle Drana Drop Brain Wave Shock Self Explosion Root Entangle Become Mist Grudge Explosion Experiment Aftereffect Hit Vital Spot Clash Mash Drana Break Sleeping Dragon Dance Tog Howl Pirate's Strike Pirate's Wrath Pirate's Tattoo Pirate's Twister Tattoo Call Shadow Sleeping Dragon Kick Luscious Stare Black Twister Arrow Deluge Bombing Take Initiative Indiscriminate Bombardment Explosion Bulletproof Armor Copper Mirror Amethyst Mirror Bronze Mirror Marabata Barrier Captain's Might Adhati's Flame Aggravate Wound Explosion Quench Thirst Vaporize