Toxic Vapor Nerve Gas Cancel Torrent Remove Barrier Grudge Wound Deep Grudge Wound Vengeful Spirit's Scream Air Wave Strong Air Wave Precision Ray Massive Ray Ray Web Electrocution Confusion Impact Pains of the Earth Dispel Blessing Kobold Bomb Effect Strong Confidence Last Fighting Spirit Light Withdrawal Severe Withdrawal Pincer Attack Pincer Press Activate Steam Nozzle Iron Fist Strike Self Destruct Self Destruct Warrior's Courage I Warrior's Courage I Rage of Warrior I Rage of Warrior I Power of Wind Farsight Iron Leg Kick Valve Control Fearful Emergence Temporarily Iron-Clad Temporarily Iron-Clad Curse Drana Steam Absorb Drana Fighting Spirit Infusion Powerful Pull Powerful Explosion Wrathful Venom Burst Powerful Ambush Virulence Recovery Terrified Kuku Spirit Drain Boisterous Pummeling Create Protective Shield Powerful Ankle Grab Request Help Anuhart's Bravery Infernal Rune Absorb Energy Quick Strike Powerful Absorb Energy Long-range Incapacitation Reflective Shield Agrint Curse Soaring Flames Anuhart's Concealment Aggravate Wound Energy Discharge Hunger Thirst Craving Satiation Thrash Cast Away Stomp Resounding Roar Sweeping Strike Protect Master Despair Captain's Pride Activate Amplifier Severe Weakening Blow Capture Severe Precision Cut Dauntless Spirit Earthquake Wave Shattering Wave Infernal Pain Curse of Roots Rune Burst Divine Grasp Enhance Amplifier Wide Area Pull I Wide Area Wrathful Strike I Wide Area Crippling Cut I Ferocious Strike I Cleave Armor I Wide Area Cleave Armor I Wide Area Swoon I Wide Area Aerial Thrust I Wide Area Crashing Wind Strike I Reflect Protective Shield Protective Shield Recovery Strike Down with Anger Powerful Knockdown Mana Regression Magic Regression Flame Shower Summon You are unworthy. Final Blow Dragon Flame Flame Pull Contrary Wind Dragon's Fireball Fireball Mighty Thrust Explosion of Wrath Rise, my faithful servant. Powerful Magic Attack Crippling Wave of Protection Eruption of Power Mental Absorption Summoning Ritual Soul Petrify Powerful Dragon Flame Powerful Flame Flame Shackle Destroy Frozen Soul Dragon's Fireball Fireball Drain Paralyze Fasten Shackles Qooqoo Curse Full Energy Wave of Surkana Twister Engraving Storm Engraving Engraving Explosion Agonized Memory Fearful Emergence Fearful Emergence Snare Trap IV Ice Sheet III Destruction Trap I Destruction Trap II Spirit Substitution I Wind