Come here! Protective Wave Complete Lunacy Induce Acrophobia Strike Explosion Flame Chain Blood Cell Destruction Blood Sucking Death of the Cursed Lunacy Transfer Flashbolt Wide Thrust First Rune Carve Soul Torrent Inhalation Lightning Shock Repetitive Strike Krall Iron Armor Hindering for Defense Second Rune Carve Deep Sleep Gale Wave Out-of-Body Experience Wide Area Swoon II Wide Area Swoon III Wide Area Aerial Thrust I Wide Area Aerial Thrust II Wide Area Aerial Thrust III Wide Area Crashing Wind Strike I Wide Area Crashing Wind Strike II Wide Area Crashing Wind Strike III Wide Area Crash I Wide Area II Wide Area III Wide Area Soul Freeze I Wide Area Soul Freeze II Wide Area Rage I Wide Area Rage II Summon Illusion Gate Tempest Spirit: Normal Skill 1 Tempest Spirit: Normal Skill 2 Magma Spirit: Normal Skill 1 Magma Spirit: Normal Skill 2 Spirit Siegebreaker Wrath of Deity General Fury of Deity General Curse of Deity General GuardTest_MPAttack Increase Wing Weight Cut Wings Wing Paralysis Poison Wing Ignition Air Turbulence Wing Paralysis Burn Wings Sword of Balaur I You are such a stupid little thing! Punish Laggard Contaminated Tree Gas Poison for Defense Curse of Soul Crippling Wave Mortal Cutting Crippling Wave Aerial Thrust Strike Down Absorb Vitality Soul Torrent Fatal Poison Nerve Absorption Flame Shower Confusion of the Cursed Blood Cell Destruction Spirit Burn-to-Ashes I Wind Spirit Burn-to-Ashes II Wind Spirit Burn-to-Ashes III Wind Spirit Burn-to-Ashes IV Wind Spirit Burn-to-Ashes I Fire Spirit Burn-to-Ashes II Fire Spirit Burn-to-Ashes III Fire Spirit Burn-to-Ashes IV Fire Spirit Burn-to-Ashes I Earth Spirit Burn-to-Ashes II Earth Spirit Burn-to-Ashes III Earth Spirit Burn-to-Ashes IV Earth Spirit Burn-to-Ashes I Water Spirit Burn-to-Ashes II Water Spirit Burn-to-Ashes III Water Spirit Burn-to-Ashes I Lava Spirit Burn-to-Ashes I Tempest Spirit Explosion I Wind Spirit Explosion II Wind Spirit Explosion III Wind Spirit Explosion IV Wind Spirit Explosion I Fire Spirit Explosion II Fire Spirit Explosion III Fire Spirit Explosion IV Fire Element Storm I Earth Element Storm II Earth Element Storm III Earth Element Storm IV Earth Element Storm I Water Element Storm II Water Element Storm III Water Spirit Explosion I Lava Spirit Explosion I Tempest Spirit Wind Flow I Spirit Wind Flow II Spirit Wind Flow III Spirit Wind Flow IV Spirit Fire Flow I Spirit Fire Flow II Spirit Fire Flow III Spirit Fire Flow IV Spirit Earth Flow I Spirit Earth Flow II Spirit Earth Flow III Spirit Earth Flow IV Spirit Water Flow I Spirit Water Flow II Spirit Water Flow III Spirit Lava Flow I Spirit Tempest Flow I Spirit Wind Impact I Spirit Wind Impact II Spirit Wind Impact III Spirit Wind Impact IV Spirit Fire Impact I Spirit Fire Impact II Spirit Fire Impact III Spirit Fire Impact IV Spirit Self Destruct I Earth Spirit Earth Impact II Spirit Earth Impact III Spirit Earth Impact IV Spirit Water Impact I Spirit Water Impact II Spirit Water Impact III Spirit Self Destruct I Lava Spirit Tempest Impact I Poison Gas Area Death Sentence Storm Curtain Fear Shriek Torrent of Wrath Boost Attack Tsunami of Pain