Spirit Thunderbolt Claw IV Fire Spirit Thunderbolt Claw IV Water Spirit Thunderbolt Claw IV Wind Spirit Thunderbolt Claw IV Earth Spirit Thunderbolt Claw I Tempest Spirit Thunderbolt Claw I Lava Flame Resolve I Flame Resolve II Flame Resolve III Flame Resolve IV Water Shock I Water Shock II Water Shock III Water Shock IV Earth Recovery I Earth Recovery II Earth Recovery III Earth Recovery IV Divine Touch Throw Trap Ranged Blindness Ranged Curse of Roots Disenchant Cleave Armor Rage I Ranged Ferocious Strike I Rage II Ferocious Strike II Ranged Divine Touch Ranged Hallowed Strike Fire Burst Ice Wave Divine Touch Ranged Blindness Pull Ferocious Strike II Hydro Eruption Force Cleave Wrathful Strike Ranged Crippling Cut Cleave Armor Ranged Rage II Divine Touch Water Splash Stone Dust Rookie's Will Poor Skill Powerless Strike Wrong Magic Disappointing Heal Accurate Hit Scream with Fear Accurate Shot Wonderful Magic Wonderful Mysterious Explosion Summon Holy Servant Press Strike Strike Mind Head Wound Wing Nerve Poison Seriously Contaminated Bite Bodily Differentiation Threatening Infection Lethal Infection Biomass Explosion Master's Protection Abandoned Heart Lizard-Killing Bomb Boost Energy Mental Stability Increase Stamina Meridian Massage Brandish Thrash Instinct Clear Focus Spirit Threat I Wind Spirit Threat II Wind Spirit Threat III Wind Spirit Threat IV Wind Spirit Threat I Earth Spirit Threat II Earth Spirit Threat III Earth Spirit Threat IV Earth Spirit Threat I Fire Spirit Threat II Fire Spirit Threat III Fire Spirit Threat IV Fire Spirit Threat I Water Spirit Threat II Water Spirit Threat III Water Spirit Threat IV Water Spirit Threat I Lava Spirit Threat I Tempest Spirit Wrath Position I Wind Spirit Wrath Position II Wind Spirit Wrath Position III Wind Spirit Wrath Position IV Wind Spirit Wrath Position I Earth Spirit Wrath Position II Earth Spirit Wrath Position III Earth Spirit Wrath Position IV Earth Spirit Wrath Position I Fire Spirit Wrath Position II Fire Spirit Wrath Position III Fire Spirit Wrath Position IV Fire Spirit Wrath Position I Water Spirit Wrath Position II Water Spirit Wrath Position III Water Spirit Wrath Position IV Water Spirit Wrath Position I Lava Spirit Wrath Position I Tempest Spirit Disturbance I Wind Spirit Disturbance II Wind Spirit Disturbance III Wind Spirit Disturbance IV Wind Spirit Disturbance I Earth Spirit Disturbance II Earth Thunder Crash I Spirit Disturbance III Earth Explosion Defense Shield Aether Ray Ranged Forced Crash Shock Aether Ray Explosion Aether Ray Spirit Disturbance IV Earth Spirit Disturbance I Fire Spirit Disturbance II Fire Spirit Disturbance III Fire Spirit Disturbance IV Fire Spirit Disturbance I Water Spirit Disturbance II Water Spirit Disturbance III Water Spirit Disturbance IV Water Spirit Disturbance I Lava Ice Wave I Effect Lava Wave I Effect Ground Blaze I Effect Spirit Disturbance I Tempest Snare Trap III Effect Poisoning Trap I Effect Poisoning Trap II Effect Poisoning Trap III Effect Trap of Clairvoyance I Effect Gas Poison Strengthen Armor