Healing Wind I Healing Wind II Healing Wind III Wide Area Stun Cut Wings Cut Wings Cut Wings Clip Wings Clip Wings Clip Wings Burn Wings Burn Wings Burn Wings Increase Wing Weight Increase Wing Weight Increase Wing Weight Dispel Cure Mind Treatment Wide Area Rage Wide Area Rage Wide Area Rage Cleave Decrease Attack Cut Wings Explosion Clip Wings Burn Wings Increase Wing Weight Long Range Snare Attack Attack Mode Wide Area Blindness Root Disenchant Root Stunning Hand Whirling Surge Pierce Flesh Concentration Heaven's Judgment Cure of Life Root Endurance Wind Blade Blindside Attack Blindside Attack Blinding Burst Fever Wing Nerve Poison Poison Blinding Burst Spin Blow Long Range Frontal Strike Surrounding Strike Confirming Strike Rapid Confirming Strike Forceful Decisive Strike Spinning Decisive Strike Spirit Detonation Claw I Fire Spirit Detonation Claw I Water Spirit Detonation Claw I Wind Spirit Detonation Claw I Earth Spirit Detonation Claw II Fire Spirit Detonation Claw II Water Spirit Detonation Claw II Wind Spirit Detonation Claw II Earth Spirit Wall of Protection I Fire Spirit Wall of Protection I Water Spirit Wall of Protection I Wind Spirit Wall of Protection I Earth Spirit Erosion I Fire Spirit Erosion I Water Spirit Erosion I Wind Spirit Erosion I Earth Spirit Erosion II Fire Spirit Erosion II Water Spirit Erosion II Wind Spirit Erosion II Earth Spike Trap Effect I Spike Trap Effect II Spike Trap Effect III Wrath Bombing Bombing Showering Strike Pushing Strike Break Defense Divine Strike Strike of Protection Fire Spiritualization Dispel Blessing Ban Skill Petrification Mystery of Water Nightmare Mind Smash Mongrel Training Powerful Knockdown Aerial Thrust Electric Current Shock Pull Cruel Capture Shackle Shackle Thorn Snare Quick Flurry Instant Crippling Cut Wing Smash Pluck Wing Feather Tendon Destruction Quick Sword Force Wave Strong Sword Brandish Destroy Frozen Soul Long-Ranged Smash Wrathful Wave I Deprivation of Attack Will Lightburst Visual Confusion Skull Smash Divine Storm Dark Chain Absolute Zero Inhale HP Life Drain Instant Magical Attack Powerful Magical Attack Divine Shock Abnormal Air Current Bleeding Wing Brain Bind Tendon Spasm Fire Arrow Deluge Throw Knife Blow Mind Paralysis Attack Magical Capture Balaur Form Deep Belch Ice Sheet I Effect Explosion Trap I Effect Explosion Trap II Effect Sandstorm Trap I Effect Thornburst Trap I Effect Thornburst Trap II Effect Trap of Silence I Effect Guardian Soul I Effect Snare Trap I Effect Snare Trap II Effect Shock Trap I Effect Spike Bite Trap I Effect Spike Trap I Effect