Healing Wind I Healing Wind II Healing Wind III Cure Mind Dispel Treatment Powerful Brandish Lower-body Paralysis Burst Fully Armored Fire Burst Lullaby Fire Burst Faithful Servant Fire Burst Soul Burn Ferocious Strike I Charge Swift Attack Devotion Swift Attack Invasion Sharp Wind Spear Air Turbulence Test_StuckAttack Test_AreaAttack Test_AreaFire Test_PHBuff Test_PHBurst Mushroom Infection Hide Ambush Throw Deadly Poison Single Strike Wing Paralysis Remove HP Powerful Cold Wind Seabreeze Shield Cold Air Emission Tsunami Wing Soaking Brain Smash Wave Crouch Hard Restless Mind Tendon Destruction Poison Soul Emission Tendon Strike Whirring with Energy Mental Absorption Lightning Shock Flame Slash Flame Slash Water Spirit: Special Attack I Water Spirit: Special Attack II Fire Spirit: Special Attack I Fire Spirit: Special Attack II Aether Explosion Abnormal Circuit Aether Ray Crash Boost Elemental Weakening Steal Frozen Soul Decrease MP High-speed Freeze Loud Shout Pathogen Transfer Ice Wave Gale Counter Blobble Mutation Howl of Wrath I Howl of Wrath II Howl of Wrath III Summon Clone Throw Trap Disenchant Ice Wave Shooting Star Storm Rage Wide Area Rage Cleave Force Cleave Wide Area Force Cleave Ferocious Strike I Ferocious Strike II Ferocious Strike III Wide Area Ferocious Strike I Wide Area Ferocious Strike II Wide Area Ferocious Strike III Cleave Armor Wide Area Cleave Armor Pull Wide Area Pull Wrathful Strike Wide Area Wrathful Strike Crippling Cut Wide Area Crippling Cut Rage Rage Rage Shield Strike Massive Shield Strike Bull's Eye Arrow Deluge Arrow Storm Wedge Wave Arrow Strike Entangling Shot Stunning Shot Frontal Strike Surprise Attack Poison Slash Wide Area Poison Slash Aerial Thrust Wide Area Aerial Thrust Fall Wide Area Crashing Wind Strike Wide Area Dragon Rune Carve I Wide Area Dragon Rune Carve II Wide Area Dragon Rune Carve III Pain Rune Swift Edge Wide Area Swift Edge Erosion Flame Bolt Fire Burst Shooting Star Storm Hydro Eruption Ice Wave Winter Binding Fear Shriek Curse of Roots Wide Area Curse of Roots Disenchant Disenchant Disenchant Spirit Strike Afterblast Mana Plunder Fire Wide Area Fire Summon Spirit Wide Area Soul Freeze Divine Touch Wide Area Divine Touch Blindness Wide Area Blindness Circle of Steel Hallowed Strike Wide Area Hallowed Strike Healing Light Radiant Cure I