Peck Face Shock Wave Ranged Successive Smash Aggravate Mortal Wound Flame Spurt Fireball Sharp Scream Fire Sparkle Petrification Cold Attack Earth Spirit: Special Attack I Wind Spirit: Special Attack I Earth Spirit: Special Attack II Wind Spirit: Special Attack II Stunning Poison Sting Glacial Freeze Hide in Hardened Shell Anger Freeze Leg Hardening Lava Mind Division Possession Mushroom Spawn Infection Flame Allergy Herbal Acupuncture Needle Petrification Impact Strikes Repeat Impact Strikes Shock Arms and Legs Hide Self Attack Devotion Strong Thrust Very Strong Thrust Flame Wave Change into Balaur Molt Explosion Burn Wings Test_Flying_DelayDD Test_Flying_NoFly Test_Flying_AntiFlying Powerful Left Stomp Powerful Right Stomp Hand Force Propagation Gigantic Motion Right Hand Force Wave Left Hand Force Wave Right Hand Strike Down Taunt III Shock of Wind III Earth Spirit: Special Attack III Wind Spirit: Special Attack III Ranged – Continuous Explosion Skill Trap Explosion Skill Trap Blind Skill Trap Blind Skill Thorny Vine Effect Snare Trap Left Hand Strike Down Small Head Beam Aether Explosion Ground Force Transfer Head Beam Aether Big Bang Ice Claw Blessing Mist Shade Blessing Snare Crippling Cut Wide Power Attack Power Attack Shock Stun Large Magic Missile Cold Wind Cold Attack Skill Decrease Explosion Instant Shock Crippling Wave Honey, save me. I feel energy inside me. Nerve Freeze Mortal Blow Worker's Sincerity Engineer's Pride Blessing of Rock Hide Shape Hide Shape Powerful Shot Large Magic Missile Boost Deadly Virulency Gas Poison Pretor M-Type1 Blinding Energy FPATK_Instant Test Power Shard Destruction Mist Shaping Petrification Explosion Big Bang Thorn Root Rage Power Attack Bite Exploding Anger Chained Emission Powerful Chained Emission Blessing of Mist Mane Blessing of Mist Mane Blessing of Mist Mane Blessing of Mist Mane Blessing of Mist Mane Blessing of Mist Mane Ground Electric Wave Boost Physical Defense I Temporarily Iron-Clad Rapid Wild Shot Rapid Repeating Wild Shot Stun Attack Swell Wound Pierce Chain Skill Rapid Pierce Chain Skill Deadly Poison Mortal Blow Contrary Wind Aerial Invasion Smoldering Vengeance Earth Upheaval Strong Strike Up Petrification Field Break Stone Statue Wide Swift Attack Strong Cry Wide Successive Strike Ranged Triple Strikes Area Aggravate Wound Powerful Will Blessing of Rock Protect Body Last Struggle Nightmare Miserable Struggle Downward Stab Cleave Cleave Force Cleave Force Cleave Crippling Cut